10 Best Commercial Blenders For Your Restaurant

Review Summary

The practicality, effectiveness, and simplicity of a blender are challenging to match unless your blender container isn’t large enough to make enough drinks for everyone at your celebration! Or if your shakes are never creamy and are lumpy.

How about if your mixer breaks down just as the event gets going? There are various factors to consider when buying a business blender, including operation noise, dependability, and blending output. For caterers, chefs, bartenders, and other professionals, a workplace blender is a must. However, if you want professional results at your business or restaurant, a commercial blender is a great asset.

These time-saving gadgets let you effortlessly combine items that are difficult to blend and are made to withstand intensive usages, such as combining ice and frozen foods all day. Commercial blenders are made to withstand heavy use even though they resemble typical household blenders in appearance.

Our Top Picks

  1. Best for valueNinja Mega Kitchen System, BL770
  2. Best for quick operationWaring Commercial CB15T Food Blender
  3. Best for overall qualityBlendtec Blender Designer 625
  4. Best for worthCleanblend 3HP 1800-watt commercial blender
  5. Best for heat resistanceVitamix E310 Explorian Blender
  6. Best for Two Speed PowerHamilton Beach (HBB908) 44 oz Commercial Two-Speed Blender
  7. Best for powerWaring Commercial MX1000XTX 3.5 HP Blender
  8. Best for restaurants – Vitamix 36019 Quiet One Blender
  9. Best for top pickHamilton Beach Professional Quiet Shield Blender

Comprehensive Comparison Chart of Best Commercial Blenders

Full Detailed Review of Best Commercial Blenders 

1. Ninja Mega Kitchen System, BL770

This Ninja Pro blender is ideally suited for producing enormous quantities of frozen beverages since it boasts a strong rotor, a six-bladed layout that quickly turns ice into powder, and huge 72-oz storage. A pair of to-go cups and an 8-cup stick blender accessory are also included. With its 1500-watt engine and simple one-button settings for the batter, mix, and smash, the Ninja offers competent performance and all this adaptability.

Additionally, the jug, cups, and covers for to-go bowls are virtually entirely made of washer vessels and accessory components in this variant, making cleanup considerably simpler. It has a variety of programs for various recipes and uses Auto-iQ functionality. Additionally, the jug is dishwashing safe, making cleanup simple. This could be the most incredible tabletop blender you can get if you’re seeking one with professional features.

  • Rinse safely
  • Six hardened steel blades
  • 72-ounce jug
  • No self-cleaning

2. Waring Commercial CB15T Food Blender

For huge quantities, this potent blender has a spacious 64-oz container. It is simple to sip from and washing safe due to its Preservative Tritan construction. The industrial blender Xtreme has a maximum horsepower of 3.5 and works quickly to produce shakes, waffles, and mixed frozen beverages. One of the finest blenders to puree food alternatives on the list, it goes well beyond ordinary tabletop blenders and home kitchen appliances when smashing ice cubes and mixing fruit. It was made to withstand professional usage.

A bright, lighted LCD screen with simple manual settings and programmed settings is another advantage of this blender.

  • The pitcher has volume markers
  • A convenient lighted Display screen
  • Customizable options for various types of liquids
  • Has no tamper

3. Blendtec Blender Designer 625

In the world of kitchen appliances, Blendtec is a very well brand and for an excellent purpose. Their 625 model offers many valuable features that will simplify your life. The powerful 3-horsepower engine gives the blades the strength to easily cut through whatever meals you place inside. You have enough volume to produce as much drink, stew, or whatever else you like with the two glass mixing containers that are supplied. Additionally, the 90-ounce volume of the enormous container allows you to prepare your dinner in a single pass if you dislike cooking in tiny amounts.

The Blendtec 625 may make the procedure easier if you’ve thought about utilizing your mixer as a quick soup cooker since it can steam and boil the broth as you make it. This mixer is an asset that will continue to pay off for years due to its eight-year guarantee. This blender is not flawless despite all its incredible advantages. First of all, this feature set is quite expensive for what you receive. Additionally, it isn’t the quietest blender available, so shop elsewhere if you want a subtle complement for your tasks.

Overall, however, we believe that this is the most incredible commercial blender available right now.

  • Strong 3-HP motor
  • Blending jar with a 90-ounce volume
  • Two blending buckets are supplied
  • Uses a blender to make soup
  • Warranty of eight years
  • Expensive
  • Not the most noise-free blender

4. Cleanblend 3HP 1800-watt commercial blender

The Cleanblend industrial blender is a good option if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a new mixer but don’t want to give up quality and dependability. We believe it’s the most incredible industrial blender for the price, with a five-year guarantee and a tonne of functionalities.

Fruits, berries, and ice can easily be blinded by the powerful 3-HP engine. However, some may become caught in the blending bottle’s corners by the cutting system and won’t mix thoroughly. The Preservative acrylic blending jar enables you to prepare huge meals at once since it can store up to 64 ounces. Although glass would have been preferable over plastic, some compromises had to be undertaken to keep costs down. The Cleanblend has a long-anticipated lifespan because steel ball rollers are utilized instead of the plastic components found on the most inexpensive blenders. Another factor makes it our pick for the most OK blender for the money.

  • Long lifetime
  • Powerful 3-HP motor
  • 5-year warranty
  • Reasonable cost
  • The jar has the blending of plastic

5. Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender

Even though they are frequently more costly than blenders produced by other firms, Vitamix mixers are one of the finest equipment in the market.

For your budget, you get a strong motor with strengthened blades that can cut through almost anything. This blender can do more things except for crush ice and make delicious margaritas. Ten different programs and a pulse functionality regulate everything.

This blender, in my opinion, is the one to buy if you want a sophisticated one that can handle all of your processing requirements. The module’s rated capacity is 48 ounces. That indicates under most shop shelves and should be sufficient for the majority of your chores.

  • A powerful blender made by a reputed company
  • A multipurpose device that can handle all of your processing needs
  • Long-lasting
  • Slightly elevated design
  • Multiple speed options need more hands-on involvement

6. Hamilton Beach (HBB908) 44 oz Commercial Two-Speed Blender

While frozen bar drinks like Margaritas and mudslides continue to remain trendy, shakes have seen a revival. A blender that can withstand heavy use while making either kind of customer favorite is necessary for your restaurant or waitstaff. To meet that demand, this Blender will be powerful enough to make several triple berry shakes or flavored Coladas.

The stainless steel design continuously forces your mixture into the blades, ensuring that there are no ice cubes or other items left behind after blending. The Wave-Action program’s blades go up and out to pull ingredients at all levels in the optimum, homogeneous mix all the way through, in contrast to traditional blenders, which swirl in a circular motion.

You can precisely mix beverages, smoothies, or shakes at two different speeds and low—using a 1/2 hp machine. With the help of the helpful measuring lines on the break-resistant acrylic container of this blender, you can weigh goods quickly and precisely for the ideal blend. It has a very long track record of durability.

For convenient storage, the dish and blade are separated from the bottom. You may clean, disinfect, and organize these receptacles in your storage area. To increase stability and prevent movement, the entire unit is supported by sturdy grip feet. It improves the blender’s durability and efficacy.

  • It is affordable and effective
  • One-click to push, it is easy to use
  • enduring design
  • Never spills from its receptacle
  • Simple to clean by disassembling it
  • 400-watt motor with the capacity
  • Not for fibrous foods

7. Waring Commercial MX1000XTX 3.5 HP Blender

This professional mixer from Waring has the strength to quickly process everything you put in it, delivering 3.5 horsepower. You should be warned that the increased power this blender produces also means it produces more sound if you’re very sensitive to it. In favor of a straightforward two-switch layout, this model forgoes the file structure settings and multi-button functionality of other elevated blenders. The Signal feature is controlled by one button, while another flip regulates HI, LO, then Off.

The 64-ounce mixing container is made of BPA-free duty. Definitely not class-leading, but competent. The fact that the jar is properly labeled for measuring on both sides is a benefit, however. Despite being constructed with heavy-duty materials for commercial ruggedness, Waring only provides a two-year component and labor guarantee and a restricted three-year motor guarantee. This blender is in the center of the pack in terms of price. Not cheap by any means, but also not among the more expensive options.

  • Heavy goods specifications
  • Extremely powerful 3.5-HP motor
  • Controls are not pre-programmed

8. Vitamix 36019 Quiet One Blender

The 48-ounce Vitamix 36019 blender has additional functionality that regular mixer users would like. Due to its 93 different mechanical velocities, this blender is appropriate for applications requiring precision. It is a great option for busy restaurants and commercial outlets because of its soundproof vent, which lowers noise. However, this blender’s container is made out of plastic and therefore is prone to marks and cracks under certain circumstances.

With this Vitamix 36019, a standardized Tritan container is provided to make spraying water and ingredients simpler. It has a compact, unassuming lid that conserves room and enables you to stack items on top. A touchscreen strip with several fan speeds makes tailoring easy. A busy restaurant would benefit from this blender’s greater construction. For swiftly preparing refreshments, it features six preset routines.

  • Very flexible
  • Building methods that save capacity
  • Included is a first-rate noise barrier
  • Plastic pots may break when exposed to ice and scrubbers

9. Hamilton Beach Professional Quiet Shield Blender

The 32-ounce capacity of this blender boasts a powerful motor that makes juices, smoothies, and shakes. This blender enhances airflow for optimal effectiveness. It has a 32-ounce container that can be used for dispensing as well as a contact list that can be adjusted to alter the fan’s pace. Additionally, for one-touch convenience, this blender has pre-programmed milkshake and ice-crushing choices. But since the jar is made of plastic, it might be harmed by things like hail.

This blender has control to increase blending efficiency, and the BPA-free bowl makes cleaning simple. An auto-clean function simplifies servicing. The device can handle hard materials with a maximum power demand of 1500W. It has a removable noise barrier that can be utilized in settings where noise is restricted. It has robust blades that are capable of handling ice and frozen meals, and a burst setting enables successful combining.

  • Very powerful device
  • Hushed cover
  • Four predetermined options
  • It’s typical for plastic containers to shatter

Detailed Buying Guide Best Commercial Blenders :

We reviewed and compared the top commercial blenders currently on the market to see how they stack up. But how exactly are these correlations being made? What characteristics should you prioritize finding in a new mixer, and what can you bear in mind while shopping for one? We will cover all the facts you want in this part to decide which food processor will best suit your requirements.

Performance of motor

An elevated motor is what you need if you want a mixer that can manage crushing ice cubes, producing smoothies from entire frozen fruit, and working with thick mixes and almond butter without stopping. We advise searching for a constant rated output of at least 1200 wattage or a maximum output value of 2.0 hp.

Coupling of metal drive

Many of the greatest professional food processors use an all-metal motor connection rather than a plastic motor joint to boost longevity. Improving power transmission to the blades lessens wear down and helps improve. Additionally, a metal-bearing link with rubber isolation reduces noise levels.

Sound dampening enclosure

Look for a machine that includes or is equipped with an acoustic enclosure if you’re searching for a professional blender that makes little noise. This is helpful for both commercial and domestic kitchen mixers, where you may wish to reduce blender loudness when preparing beverages with ice.


You may not be able to justify the expense of anything like our premium model unless your mixer is used every day. Others will use blenders almost constantly and as a necessary tool for social and culinary pursuits. Whatever your preference, we have alternatives in every price bracket that are guaranteed to meet your demands.

Final Thoughts

We searched for models with shown longevity, superb performance, and exceptional materials selection while selecting the best heavy-duty industrial blender. We sought a mixer with a rotor that could provide at minimum 1200 watts of power or 2.0 peak hp to be the optimum. A powerful chiller was also viewed favorably.

We preferred blenders with accessible cleaning containers, covers, and spinning assembly for quick cleanup. For making ice mixed drinks, shakes, and other chilled beverages, we opted for straightforward settings and programmed features. An added benefit was a pulse function.

Only devices with BPA-free pots and built-in heat monitoring for security, as well as those with highly effective motors and edges, were taken into consideration while looking for the finest industrial blender available right now. We gave blenders with high functionality and pre-programmed parameters for typical blended beverages top priority.

We then took into account the added accessories. We searched for practical accessories like additional single-serving cups, stick blender extensions, and splash travel closures.


Which commercial mixer is the finest?

The finest commercial blender could depend on your requirements; it might be a fully sealed model that reduces noise, or it might be a flexible blender and meal grinder combo that can shift off between blending smoothies and other chores like producing almond butter and sauces.

Which heavy-duty blender is the right choice?

The finest heavy-duty industrial blender will often include strong metal blades, premium connections, a strong motor, and sufficient airflow for conditioning. This is crucial for blenders, particularly those that will be producing enormous quantities and have some rest in between jobs.

Are blenders made of glass or plastic more likable?

Most professional blenders come supplied with large, sturdy plastic or plastic containers based on the target purpose. Some also provide customers with the choice of thermal glass containers. Look for a jar that is thermo, BPA-free, and dishwasher-safe for longevity and security.

Which blenders are used in restaurants?

The most common criteria used by restaurants to choose industrial blenders are noise level, cost, efficiency, and longevity. The sizes of the available jugs also matter since some may fit more comfortably on packed tables or in restaurants and bars.

What blender is the most flexible for any job?

According to our study, the Blendtec is the most adaptable commercial blender since it has well over 42 predefined operations and the ability to be customized in a special manner. This blender is appropriate for both restaurants and households and has two covers for more flexibility.

What kind of blender is best for a tavern?

Primarily because of its enormous selection of velocities and options, we suggest the Vitamix blender as the finest industrial blender for a restaurant. This blender helps create a welcoming ambiance in a restaurant since it is very silent.

Every day, I’ll make more than 100 portions. Which HP value should I seek out?

Even for industrial blenders, making more than 100 portions per day is regarded as intensive usage. Therefore you should search for a value of at least 3.5 or 3.8 maximum HP. This coercive power is available from the Blendtec, which can handle up to 200 mixtures every day.