10 Best Cuisinart Blenders | Detailed Reviews and Guide

Review Summary

Cuisinart has been operating for decades and is best known for its food processors. It’s a well-known kitchen equipment brand, so you can be sure you’re getting a good blender. But, with so many models to choose from, how can you choose which one to buy?

To assist you in choosing a superb Cuisinart blender, we extensively tested and examined all of the current models. Each evaluation considers pricing, appearance, power, components, and guarantees to help you compare devices quickly.

Our Top Picks

  1. Best for overall performanceCuisinart Hurricane CBT-1500
  2. Best for multipurposeCuisinart Velocity Ultra Blender BFP-650GM
  3. Best for functionalityCuisinart CSB-179 Smart Stick Hand Blender
  4. Best for quiet, powerful motorCuisinart CSB-75 Immersion Hand Blender
  5. Best for premium choiceCuisinart CBT-2000 Pro Blender
  6. Best for powerCuisinart CSB-175BKQVC Smart Stick Hand Blender
  7. Best for one-handed operationCuisinart CSB-76BC Immersion Hand Blender
  8. Best for rechargeable batteryCuisinart CSB-400CD Cordless and Rechargeable Hand Blender
  9. Best for speedCuisinart BFP-703BC Smart Power Duet Blender/Food Processor
  10. Best for average kitchenCuisinart SPB-7CH SmartPower Electronic Blender

Comprehensive Comparison Chart of Best Cuisinart Blenders in 2022

Full Detailed Review of Best Cuisinart Blenders

1. Cuisinart Hurricane CBT-1500

The Cuisinart Hurricane Blender CPT 1500 boasts a strong 1120 watt, 2.25 peak horsepower engine that is more than sufficient for most blending operations. Although it has a sturdy construction, the outer gun-metal grey base is plastic rather than metal.

With controls for on/off, pulsing, smoothies, speed control, fast speed, and ice smash, the lighted touchscreen control is a fantastic addition. A 3-minute timer is programmed on the LCD display panel. If no frequency is set, the timer will start counting up.

The CBT 1500 has 4 stainless steel blades and a 60-ounce BPA-free plastic container comparable in size to competitor blenders. The clear measurement lines on the jar and the detachable constructed quart container in the lid allow you to add ingredients while blending via the hole without completely removing the cover. To keep the system from overheating, this blender has an overheat protection feature.

  • It gives you a lot of power for the money
  • The controls are straightforward and quick to clean, and they have a pleasant appearance and feel to them
  • Design of a traditional blade and pitcher
  • Warranty period: 3 years
  • There isn’t a variable speed control
  • It does not come with a spatula for moving ingredients around in thick blends

2. Cuisinart Velocity Ultra Blender BFP-650GM

The Cuisinart Velocity Ultra Trio is a multifunctional machine, as the name implies. It’s a countertop blender, food processor, and portable smoothie maker. As an actual food processor, it can cut, mince, chop, grate, and combine your ingredients.

The problem with this blender is that it lacks a strong motor. With more considerable amounts of fruits and vegetables, it will struggle. It will, however, smash ice without difficulty. Hot objects can be processed, but boiling liquids cannot.

On a particularly thick consistency, the 1 Horsepower motor will stop. You can use it to grind nuts, but it won’t produce super smooth nut butter. All of the pieces that can be removed are dishwasher safe. The motor base may be simply cleaned with a moist cloth or a dishtowel.

The Cuisinart Velocity Ultra Trio Blender is an excellent piece of culinary equipment for beginners. It isn’t as strong as the competition, but it is just as adaptable.

  • Design with a minimalist aesthetic
  • 2 cycles that have been preprogrammed
  • 56 oz. dual-speed with pulse (1.65 L) capacity of the jar
  • It has a food processor attachment
  • Dishwasher safe and easy to clean
  • 3-year BPA-free warranty
  • Loud machine with a 1 HP motor

3. Cuisinart CSB-179 Smart Stick Hand Blender

The Cuisinart CSB-179 Smart Stick Hand Blender goes beyond the capabilities of a traditional immersion blender. Juices, baby food, and foamy beverages may all be pureed using the immersion blender blade with the bell base. This tool is incredible in and of itself!

This kitchen gadget comes with three attachments, making it a must-have for tiny kitchens with limited storage space for heavy equipment. The beater component is significant and pliable, making it ideal for speedily whisking up egg whites. For small batch recipes, the 2-cup splitter attachment makes it simple to achieve the proper texture.

A solid 300-watt motor is encased in a solid stainless-steel body of the Cuisinart CSB-179. To safeguard fingers and minimize splatter, the stainless-steel removable immersion stick fades down into a whistle blade guard. The CSB-179 has two light touch controls, one for power and the other for secondary safety. There will be no chopped fingers with the Cuisinart Smart Stick accessories since they are dishwasher safe.

  • A strong blender with a motor of 300 watts
  • Well-made and straightforward to operate with one hand
  • It has a variable speed that allows it to undertake a wide range of jobs
  • Attachments include a whisk and a chopper
  • It is covered by a three-year warranty
  • It has a plastic driving gear, and the chopper basin is relatively tiny

4. Cuisinart CSB-75 Immersion Hand Blender

With a 200-Watt motor, the Cuisinart CSB-75 immersion blender makes pureeing, mixing, and stirring a joy. It is, however, an immersion blender designed for smaller batches. The blender is stylish and comes in five distinct colours. It’s simple to put together, operate, and clean. The blades are commercial-grade and razor-sharp.

We noticed the handle to be pleasant to grasp, and we were able to control the blender with one finger. Except for the motor growing hot after long periods of usage, we tried it in several vessels – bowls, pitchers, and pots – and it functioned effectively.

When dealing with tiny amounts of food and liquids, the two settings – lower and higher – are sufficient. We observed the Cuisinart CSB-75 be quite user-friendly. Snap the blender into place on the drive system, and you’re ready. This little blender has a lot of muscle. 

The commercial-grade blades have enough strength from the 200-Watt engine to efficiently combine tricky vegetable bits. Considering the strong motor, the Cuisinart CSB-75 is relatively quiet. The Cuisinart CSB-75 has two preprogrammed speeds: high and low. We discovered that switching between rates with one hand was simple. The blender performed admirably with the 2-speed setting.

  • A 200-Watt motor provides plenty of power
  • In pots, bowls, and pitchers, the immersion rod can be employed
  • The grip is made with comfort in mind
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Beaker with a capacity of 2 cups
  • The blade and blade cover is made of stainless steel
  • Large amounts are not recommended
  • After some time, it will become heated

5. Cuisinart CBT-2000 Pro Blender

This is a severe mixer! Cuisinart included a 3.5-horsepower Turbo Boost function with a 30,000 RPM speed. The blender comprises a 64-ounce BPA-free Tritan container.

The CBT 2000 features a digital control panel with reboot, pulse, and uninfected controls. Additional buttons for three preprogrammed operations: shake, ice smash, and broth. The customized memory function is a unique feature, as it remembers your choices for blender settings, blending time, and so forth.

The preset settings work well, and the soup mode is a valuable feature because it blends for 5 min and has enough strength to transform raw components into hot soup. The jar is a big 64-ounce Tritan Plastic container with a tight-fitting lid and a retractable measuring cup. The CBT 2000 has an overheat monitor and BlendLogic innovative technology that adjusts combining depending on the number of ingredients in the jar.

  • With some extremely great control tools, it delivers a lot of punch
  • For the functionality and performance that you receive, it’s a great deal
  • It is somehow loud

6. Cuisinart CSB-175BKQVC Smart Stick Hand Blender

Cuisinart’s Smart Stick 300W Hand Blender is an excellent option if you want a basic and economic immersion blender. It’s a simple hand-held blender that works well for practically all blending forms despite the lack of different speed settings.

With a 300-watt engine, this Smart Stick blender can mix drinks and purées in moments. In every pot or bowl, you can create some incredible meals.

The blender has two speeds: low and high and a lengthy stainless steel rod that lets you reach into the edges of bowls, pitchers, and pots.

The blades are protected by a protective cover, making the blender safe and straightforward. Overall, it’s a specific alternative that doesn’t have all the hooks and frills, but it gets the job done. 

  • The cost is reasonable
  • It’s simple to use
  • Blades have a protective cover
  • The stick is long
  • There are two speeds to choose from
  • There are no extras
  • There are just a few speed possibilities

7. Cuisinart CSB-76BC Immersion Hand Blender

The Cuisinart Smart Stick hand blender can accomplish a wide range of simple tasks. Houses come in various vivid colours and include a 200-watt motor that allows you to mix in pots, vases, and basins to expand your blending possibilities.

The ergonomically designed grip provides a more comfortable grip and more control. One-touch operation allows for easy one-handed filling. Cleanup is a breeze with the dishwasher-safe shaft and beaker; for simple cleaning, the warranty detachable shaft clips into the motor core housing.

The 2-cup mixing beaker may be microwaved and washed in the dishwasher. Wash the blending shaft manually in hot water with a mild detergent or in the washer to clean it. The blade may incorporate mayonnaise and is excellent for combining and stirring all foods and drinks, like condiments and powdered drink items.

  • A strong 200-watt motor powers this immersion hand blender
  • Blending is made easier using the blade
  • Splatter protection is provided by a protective guard
  • Blades of lesser quality

8. Cuisinart CSB-400CD Cordless and Rechargeable Hand Blender

The Cuisinart Smart Stick hand blender will soon become your new favourite. Make lovely soft soups, curries, and more with this blender! This cordless immersion blender has 5 different speeds and is rechargeable. The Smart Stick is lightweight and adaptable. A handy whisk attachment is included with the blender component, making it ideal for bakers.

For anything from gentle potatoes to freezing ice cubes, the blender includes five variable settings so you can find your optimal blending technique. The sharp blades are protected by a 3 different blade guard and a two-start button mechanism.

20-minute run duration is provided by a rechargeable battery, which removes the need for a cable. The battery can be recharged from complete to zero in around two hours. The blender’s length of 10 inches allows it to reach deep into pots without being cumbersome. The stainless steel body ensures a durable and sturdy design.

The blender’s easy-to-read light show lets you know when it’s time to power it. The device comes with a three-year guarantee from Cuisinart. With both pulsating and continual running options, the button design enables straightforward mixing. The chopper component of the motor can be removed and washed in the washer, whereas the top may be thoroughly cleaned to keep it clean.

  • Sharp blades have safety measures to keep you safe
  • Portable with a powerful motor that saves space
  • After an extended usage period, it might be challenging to maintain raised

9. Cuisinart BFP-703BC Smart Power Duet Blender/Food Processor

Cuisinart’s Smart Power Duet will pique the interest of the frugal cook searching for a piece of flexible and economical kitchen equipment. It comes with an unusually excellent glass jar with a convenient lid that will help you prepare sauces and purees faster.

The Cuisinart 6-cup borosilicate glass blender container is comparable to those found in blenders costing twice as much. It becomes more durable as a result, and it also looks a lot prettier on your counter.

Unfortunately, the 500 Watt motor on this appliance means you’ll have to be cautious when mixing and processing. The blade design allows it to operate through any setup you require, but it may take some time because of the reduced power. Nevertheless, the Cuisinart Smart Power Duet is a well-designed device except for its weak motor. However, it’s an excellent addition to any home kitchen for the money.

  • Glass blender jar that is both attractive and long-lasting
  • Excellent value for money considering the quality of the product
  • The motor is a tad underpowered

10. Cuisinart SPB-7CH SmartPower Electronic Blender

Another popular model is the Cuisinart SmartPower 7-Speed Blender, which is quite affordable for most budgets and offers a variety of typical features that fit the needs of the ordinary kitchen.

This mixer is simple, with simple settings to pick from seven different speeds when mixing. The blending container is somewhat small, with a capacity of about 40 ounces. It is made of high-quality glass that can be washed in the dishwasher.

There is a pace to fit each activity, whether you’re blending veggies to make smoothies, crushing components to make sauces, or whipping eggs or churning batter. It has the capability and strength to take blending to another level. To give you a better sense, stir has the fewest revolutions per minute (RPM), whereas puree has the most. By the way, the puree option may be used to make both smoothies and shakes.

A 500-watt processor can quickly combine 40 ounces of smoothies. A large on-off switch is aligned with preprogrammed speed settings. Rubberized non-skid feet are included with the power equipment base. It features a chrome finish on the controls. The Cuisinart SPB-7CH blender is a fantastic budget option if you’re looking for an entry-level blender that can handle most jobs in your kitchen.

  • Indicator lights that are easy to read
  • 2 oz. pour lid
  • Any speed button can be used to pulse
  • The blade is made of ultra-sharp stainless steel
  • Blending more challenging components takes longer

Final Thoughts

That may have been a plethora of info to take in. We’ve outlined everything below and provided a fast rundown of the top Cuisinart blenders for your specific needs.

Cuisinart blenders cover the whole gamut, from the Smart Stick to the Hurricane Pro 3.5 Peak HP. They also offer individual parts for their blenders on their website, making it simple to replace or mix and match.

Cuisinart should offer something for you, whether you’re searching for a desktop blender to make smoothies for everyone or to amuse visitors with drinks, or if you’re looking for immersion blenders to create something unique. We hope you’re able to locate what you’re searching for.


Is the charging cable a USB one?

No, it isn’t a USB port. It’s a spherical connector. The unit box-set includes the recharging cord and transformer.

Do you think you’ll be able to use the immersion blender as it charges?

No. But there’s no necessity. The battery lasts for a long time and maybe recharged rapidly. Isn’t it because you don’t want to be bothered by a cable when using a cordless device?

Can you use the 2.25 peak power model to mix hot liquids or food products?

Yes, you may mix, but be aware that you must pulse softly at first and keep the lid in place with a heated cloth.