Bamix G200 Professional Immersion Hand Blender Review

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We always care and get interested in the kitchen because it is a significant portion of our house as we cook all our daily and most-liked food there. If you want to boost your kitchen skill set and your small-scale kitchen has insufficient capacity for giant and bulky tools, then Bamix provides you the best portable hand blenders, a small marvelous kitchen tool.

This professional Bamix immersion blender is hand-built in Switzerland and consists of four stainless steel blades to intermingle, chop up and blend. With a straightforward, smooth design, its 200-Watt powerful motor operates with only two speeds to create the latest product. This cheap Bamix professional immersion blender is like a dynamic stick that produces protein shakes, mix the smoothie and smash the vegetables, onion, coconut, garlic, and chili.









Product Dimensions

2.5 x 2.5 x 15.5 inches

Item Weight

2.20 lbs


700 watts

Main Features

  • Strong Mighty 200-watt A/C motor.

    4 Exchangeable stainless-steel blades.

    With 2 speeds Swiss-made kitchen blender.

    Made from heat tolerant nylon and chromatid brass

    Less vibration and noise.



Some Best Features of Bamix G200 Gastro Pro-2 Professional Immersion Hand Blender

200-Watt power motor:

This Bamix Gastro Pro-2 blender comes with a 200-Watt motor. This powerful motor is used for mixing, trimming, chopping, and mincing. The motor is stabilized sufficiently to minimize vibrations and noise. Even with high speed, this blender doesn’t overheat. The strong motor can run the blades up to 17000 RPM, the fastest recorded.

Interchangeable stainless-steel blades:

The blender comes with four different blades for the different functions, which is appropriate for making the frozen drinks and the smoothies of all recipes. The mincer blade has three-angle flanges for cutting mincing of baby foods, fruits, and raw vegetables. The flat disk shape beater blade blends the egg white and the whisk disk with six hooded perforations for stirring and emulsifying.

The comfort of cleaning:

You can easily clean the Bamix immersion blender. Don’t immerse the motor and handle in the water to wash; it can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. You can simply wash out the blades and shaft under running water. Or you can wash it in a container of warm water by adding a few drops of dish soap and running the blender for a few seconds. No parts are dishwasher safe.

Control and operation:

This Bamix Gastro blender is very simple to operate as it has double speed setting operation. There is no other control system but only two buttons on the blender’s body. The first speed runs the blade at 13000 rpm, and the second speed runs the blade at 17000 rpm. It is designed for ten minutes of continuous running. The buttons are made of soft nylon, which is comfortable to hold.

Attachments and Accessories:

There are no special and particular accessories and attachments with this product despite four interchangeable blades. This Bamix blender does not come with any containers. The shaft is long and undetachable, and the lowest part of the motor is secured to sink into the liquids. It comes with a wall holder for storing away the blender after use.

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  • Four interchangeable blades for various tasks.
  • Simple two-speed operation.
  • Comes with a comfortable hold design.
  • A 200-Watt motor provides steady speed with an even weighty workload.
  • Long 7-inch shaft.
  • The repairable blender.
  • Long-lasting warranty on the motor.
  • Smell-resistant blades and shaft.
  • Pretty well soundless motor.
  • Very easy to clean.
  • The motor is secure to be a sink in the liquid.
  • Comes with a wall holder.
  • It Lacks dishwasher safe.
  • The blades seem to be either too loose or either too tight.
  • It also Lacks 360-degree secure guard.


This brief and in-depth review about the immersion blender will help you to choose the best simple blender model, which comes with four exchangeable stainless-steel blades which are powerfully built and durable through which you will get the most suitable solvent.
The Bamix Gastro 200 is an extremely multitalented and remarkable blender officially approved kitchen tool by most expert chefs. It sincerely performs its task to the top rank that no other immersion blender in the market can do.

Overall, this blender is a superb selection for the chef in the house or restaurant kitchen. If you are in the market, look no further than the Bamix Gastro 200 because it has the highest power, speed, and stick length.


Is there any problem with the leak out from the Bamix Gastro pro-2?

No. There have been no reports of any leaks from the Bamix Gastro pro-2

Does The Bamix Gastro Pro-2 Blender work on Raw Food?

Yes, the blender has processed raw fruits for smoothies and even smashed the ice cubes.

What should I do to remain my Bamix blender in prime condition?

After every use, instead of allowing food particles to dry, making the blender more difficult to clean, wash and dry your Bamix blender promptly.