Beast Blender Hydration System Detailed Review

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Review Summary

Usage of blender in every home is as common as other appliances. So we should choose a blender with the best features, high-quality components, easy to use and clean and with a good performance as well.
If you are also like me, who wants his breakfast on the go, then this machine is master at this. Beast blender + hydration system with sharp blades allows making smooth blends. It is created with well-organized manners so that noise can be reduced and the system adjusts the speed of blades automatically. Best for smashing ice, fruits, and vegetables, making juices, and making smoothies.






Pebble Grey


Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Plastic

Blade Material

Stainless Steel

Product Dimensions

4.92 x 4.92 x 15.75 inches

12.49 x 12.49 x 40 cm

Item Weight

5.84 kg




120v AC‎

Main Features

  • Manual crank mixer, 12" long

    Without the need for power, it beats eggs & mixes pancake batter.

    Drive gears made of nylon

    Handle grips made of plastic

    Two (2) heavy-duty stainless-steel hand mixer blades are included.

    Hand washing is advised

    The product is made of polished aluminum


#1 in personal size blender.

#10 in kitchen and dining.



Some Best Features of Beast Blender Hydration System


Like most of the blenders, this Beast blender has a powerful motor of 1000watts which gives strength to the blades to cut and blend very smoothly. From fruits to veggies, ice, frozen foods, and warm soups, this blender can handle anything put in it. This blender also comes with an (OCS) Overheating Control System, designed to prevent burnout when overloaded with ingredients or when it gets too hot.


The trendy-looking blender simply accompanies a solitary button giving absolute control and assisting you with accomplishing anything you ask for. Additionally, you can take your blender with you and mixture as you go by; just screw on the drinking top.


The components are designed in a way that reduces the vibration and makes it a less noisy blender. Furthermore, blades are also made of stainless steel.


As may be obvious, it looks pretty fancy with its MTSY look. Multi-functional blender has a sturdily planned reason considered to boost durability and as well as to diminish vibrations and sound.

The blender has a Noise blocking part that keeps it from making a (head of Noise). The body itself has been structured to permit outside air inside to chill off the engine and scatter the solid hotness out quickly to avoid overheating.


The blender consistently monitors the speed of blades to keep itself in a balanced position and maintain the torque.

Monitoring System

The blender keeps monitoring not only the speed but also the temperature of the entire machine to avoid overheating.


The blades keep cycling for one minute after pushing the button

Hydration System

A hydration system is a feature that makes it easy for consumers to drink the juice or any liquid from the glass water and carry it anywhere.


This is a 100% leak-proof blender. To be honest, the other blenders that we used at our home also never leaked. So it may be a common feature in blenders.

Easy to Clean

Jars are easy to remove and clean. As the blades are separable from the jar which makes the safe cleanliness of the jar and the blades. To remove the dirt from the blades brush can be used.

Quality check

You can see that the best blender is designed technically. Its bottom part is wider to make a good grip and balance itself. Its look is also attractive and feels good. The jars are made of ultra-durable Tritan for long-lasting life. Lids are leak-proof with a hydration system to pour or drink easily.

How to use

Beast blender is very easy to use. One-third of the ingredients should be liquid to make the blending easy for the blender. Put in all other ingredients and push the button and the cycle will complete in one minute. If the ingredients are too hot, a red light on the top of the button turns on to alert you. If I have to make a banana shake I will put the following ingredients in the following order

  • 25% milk
  • Ice
  • Bananas
  • Leafy greens
  • Seeds nut
  • And other ingredients that you want to add

Pros & Cons

  • Less noisy
  • Unique and stylish design, which makes it fancy and eye-catching.
  • Easy with good control system
  • Only one button
  • Monitoring system for speed and temperature
  • Hydration system
  • Powerful motor
  • no big chunks left behind in blending
  • Takes small space
  • No leakage problem
  • Ultra-durable
  • Small jar
  • Difficult to unscrew the base to open the vessel frequently. For this, you have to use a towel to grip
  • No new editions. Product is of a limited edition


Above all, the Beast blender + hydration system is a powerful home appliance that is easy to use and clean. This blender contains a power full motor and sharp blades that you to make any type of juice or blend vegetables. 

A hydration system allows you to drink easily the juice that you make. Removable glass water jars let you carry them anywhere. It will take two minutes to blend anything for you. Overall we can see that this blender is the perfect choice for blending anything.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth buying the best blender?

Overall, it is worth buying a beast blender. This small appliance makes your life joyful and makes you habitual to drink natural drinks. Besides this, the best blender has a good score in terms of reviews and ranking so you can trust it.

Is it noisy?

Comparatively, it is a less noisy blender because it is designed in a way that reduces vibration.

What is the size of the jar?

The size of the jar is small because it is a personal blender with a small size.

Can I pulse cold ingredients in blend beast?

Totally. We urge it to make your mix additional flavorful

How can I make my smoothie extra smooth and creamy?

We’re not exaggerating here, and we truly made the best blender innovation could offer, so you should simply kick back, unwind, and partake in the Beast Blender show. Yet, here’s an insider tip: roughly ⅓ of your fixings should be fluid to guarantee a smooth mix

How can I fill blending vessel?

Add what you prefer in vessel in this flow for the satisfactory results: water/liquids; ice; produce; leafy greens; powders, seeds, nuts, nut butters, honey.

How can I care for my beast blender?

Blender Base: clean intermittently with moist towel.

Sharp edge Assembly: wash under water for cleaning, utilizing a soapy sponge if vital.

Any remaining Components: dishwasher safe – top rack as it were