6 Best MAGIC BULLET Blenders in 2022 | Comparisons

Review Summary

Blender is one of the unique gadgets that helps you do heavy-duty work with little endeavor and minimum time to get liquefied in considerable quantities in seconds. There you may have experienced a coffee grinder, food processor, and shake maker, but all in one could be magical for everyone. Thus the supernatural bullet blender is deployed with all three functionalities and a small magical size like a coffee mug. These bullet blenders brought a great revolution with very innovative functionalities.

Juicing with the magic bullet is very easy because of having a Flip to-go lid which you can close and carry anywhere you want. Thus these blenders have high-speed and easy to use; with sharp blades, it helps you mix, chop and blend your desired ingredients and turns your favorite fruit juice or any other soup with your loving recipe into a healthy dish. However, these are single-serving personal blenders with bullet-shaped jars that flip upside-down and connect them with the motor base.

Our Top Picks

  1. Best for high quality plastic – Magic-Bullet-MBR-1101
  2. Best for small size & portability – Magic-Bullet Mini Blender-103333
  3. Best for fast mixing system Magic-Bullet-MBR-1701
  4. Best for stainless-steel blade Magic Bullet Dessert Bullet Blender DBR-0101
  5. Best for baby foodMagic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care BBR-2001
  6. Best for variety of accessories Magic Bullet Express Deluxe 26 Piece MB- BX1573-23

Comprehensive Comparison Chart of 6 BEST MAGIC BULLET Blenders






  • High quality plastic Cups

    Cross-blade with 250-watts motor

    Cups with to-go lid

    Flip top lid

    Recipes book

13.19 x 6.93 x 10.63 inches;

3.85 pounds

  • Small size and portable

    Having 10 oz. cup

    Container of 16 oz.

    200-watt power consumption

    One year warranty

20 x 20 x 20 inches; 2.55 pounds

  • Stainless steel base

    Fast mixing system

    Two blades

    4 mugs and lip rings

13 x 8.5 x 10.5 inches; 0.952 ounces

  • 350 watt motor

    Dishwasher safe

    Star-shaped spout and pusher

    Compact design with 17-pieces set

    Stainless-steel flat

    Cross blades

‎9.33 x 13.58 x 7.68 inches; 5.3 pounds

  • Provides food without much fuss

    200 watts motor with two-blades

    Six small storage containers

    Freezing tray and batch tray

12.1 x 10.6 x 9 inches; 5.51 pounds

  • 26-piece set

    250-watt motor

    Two flip-top lids

    Five control lip rings

    Cleaning easy & hassle free

    3 blades with two solid lids

13.3 x 10.7 x 10.3 inches; 7.7 pounds

Full Detailed Review of MAGIC BULLET Blenders

This unique blender offers 250 watts power with a cross blade which can do all whipping, grinding and mincing that lead your food to process easily and make a dessert and healthy food for you. In addition, it has all the necessary accessories required for a kitchen system, like having a tall and short cup, lip ring and to-go lid. Moreover, it is easy to use and safe, having flip-top lid functionality, which helps you carry it with yourself when you are getting late or in a hurry.


Straightforward operation:

Its operation is very straightforward, provides ease in Usage, and helps you make your meal quickly, which is the strongest point on all other blenders.


High quality plastic Usage:

Cups and mugs are delicate and easy breakable accessories, but these magic blender cups and mugs are made of high-quality, sustainable, and strong plastic.


250-watt power motor:

The motor power is the basic need of every best and elite blender; thus, it has a 250-watt power consumption motor with a branded extractor and sharp stainless steel blades which can chop, mix and make the best texture. 

  • There is a dishwasher-safe and to-go lids with lip rings
  • Easy recipes book for making your desired fruit shake and soup
  • Having different cups and mugs which you can use accordingly
  • Provides the best performance at a reasonable budget
  • Not strong enough for crushing ice
  • Prolong operation can heat up the base

This is a magic bullet personal blender that is very small in size but can easily make an impressive protein shake. It is very compact as compared to others and keeps very little space. Its operation is not difficult because there are no such buttons, switches or any other speed controlling setting for its operation. You need to keep the cup on its top and press down, and the motor will start it crumbling food into power.



Sometimes the blender with large space can make trouble for you because it keeps a large area while your kitchen might be small. Thus you can save and store it everywhere easily because it has a very compact and elegant design.


Easy to use:

Its operation does not require high skill or experience or any other instructions to read because it does not have any buttons or speed settings to control it. Instead, you push down the cup when you keep it on the blender top, and thus with little force, it will start its operation.



If you need a mini and personal blender for yourself and do not waste on counter-top large types of a blender, this can be the best option because it can save your money and fulfill your requirements.

  • It is affordable price
  • It is BPA-free and dishwasher-safe
  • It has a compact design that keeps little space
  • It has 16 oz. and 10 oz. cups collections
  • Not designed for hot ingredients
  • For better operation to crush ice you need an ample amount of water

The 1701 Express Mixing Set comes with two stainless steel base assemblies with a flat blade for grinding, milling and whipping, the cross blade for chopping, grating and blending, and several types of cups and mugs has mostly to do with the types of smoothies you often enjoy. But not only that, but it also comes with 2 shaker/steamer lids that can work as shaker tops for cheese or pasta sauces to bring all the flavor without too much mess.


Two stainless-steel blades:

This magic bullet has two types of blades which are flat and cross. You can use the flat blade for grinding, whipping and milling the foods. The cross blade had an advantage with its granting, easily chopping and blending food.


Mugs Specialty:

This express bullet has mugs with the power to withstand any desired temperature as the mugs have a specialty which is microwave and freezer safe. Hence, you prepare the food or keep it at any desired vales without any worries.



This blender comes with all the attachments you need to complete your kitchen system and needs throughout the cooking experience. It comes with 2 flat blades, 2 cross blades, 2 cups and 4 mugs. In addition, this kit also comes with two sealing lids and two vented lids.

  • There are two blades sets
  • Verities of cups and mugs
  • There are 17-piece mixing system
  • The mugs are freezer and microwave safe
  • Take longer to make smoothies
  • Plastic can crack when you put heavy ingredient for blending

The Magic Bullet DBR-1011 Blender mixes up good recipes for your health. Using this blender, you can ingest healthily shake, but you will like to take a high-quality restaurant’s dessert. It gives you the power of flexibility, so enjoy dining on some low-calorie ice cream before bedtime. In addition to that, the blending set comes with two different-sized dispensing spouts for added creativity during blending and a recipe booklet that makes everything easy.

Unique Design:

We all know that when home gadgets are concerned, we look for something unique and well-designed. Thus this blender is also special in its style because when you look at the blender, t will make you feel like a juice, not a blender. 

350-watts power motor:

When looking for a blender, your priority is its good power to chop and grind ingredients easily. The magic blender series has a strength of 350-watts, which is enough for making a healthy dessert of your own choice.

Frozen Dessert maker:

If you are a lover of eating sweets at the end of the meal but are wary of unhealthy ingredients in the dessert, this blender may be just what you’re looking for because you can make your sweets at your home at your well. 

  • Can make smoothie desserts in less than 10 seconds
  • It has 350-watts power motor
  • There has two dispending spouts
  • It is easy to clean has some dishwasher safe parts
  • Designed only for making desserts
  • Not capable to crush ice

If you are having a new baby, you’ll want to make sure his/her health and freshness are at the top of your mind so that the baby grows healthy and strong. The magic Baby Bullet Blender is designed for all parents looking to create affordable fresh food because it includes a recipe book, helping you to know how to prepare food for your baby. With this handy and easy-to-use blend, you won’t have to worry about unnecessary preservatives or unwanted sugars because it makes healthy, fresh food for your little ones easier than ever!


Fresh baby food:

This blender enables you to provide fresh and healthy food to your baby because it has a recipe book that helps you know which ingredient mixture is best for your baby’s growth according to the baby’s age.


Motor power:

The motor consumes 200 watts, which mixes the texture to make smoothies. It can make baby food perfect for giving to your baby in less than 5 minutes.



This small bullet blender has enough accessories for pouring baby mixture. It has a spatula, one short cup, and the other 6-date dial storage cups. In addition to the tip tray, it has one stay fresh resealable lid and user manual.

  • There are two blades: extractor and milling
  • Natural food can be prepared less than 5 minutes
  • It has high torque power base with stainless-steel blades
  • There are two trays: Batch tray and freezing tray
  • It has only one year warranty
  • There is no spoon

This blender comes with several accessories made from safe BPA-free plastic dishwasher safe for easy cleaning after use. This product’s three stainless steel blades include a cross blade, flat blade, and ice crusher blade. It is an expensive gadget, but it does have a more diverse set of accessories than most others. In addition to blades, it has a blending pitcher with a lid and pop-top, 2 cups of different sizes, 5 colored lip rings with 2 resealable lids, 2 shaker-steamer tops, 2 flip-top lids and 1 recipe book. 


Variety of Accessories: 

One thing that comes with purchasing this express deluxe set is that it has accessories comprised of a variety. This makes this our premium choice of the best Magic Bullet model.


Ice rushing blade:

The piece that stands out from all of them is the ice-crushing blade. This blade crushes ice into snow, allowing you to blend frosty beverages.


Blades and motor power:

Having a powerful motor is the most important thing when deciding which blender is best for your needs; thus, it has a 250-watts power motor which is good enough. It also has three stainless steel blades – including an ice crusher blade, a flat blade, and a cross blade, enabling you to blend ingredients seamlessly.

  • It can prepare dish in less than 10n seconds
  • It has freezer-safe and microwave-safe containers for better preservations
  • It has 26-piece set and it powers with 250-watts
  • Three are three mugs, two cups of different size and three blades collections
  • BPA-free and dishwasher-safe
  • Running motor more than 60 seconds continuously can burn out.
  • Require more storage

Final Thoughts

Summing up, this informative and detailed searched-based review of 6 BEST MAGIC BULLET Blenders ended up with your full focus and indulged reading. We found that these are the most functional in their features and ability to perform. I hope you now can know which gadgets are best for you and fulfill your needs and requirements with such features you need them.
Moreover, when attempting to decide which kitchen gadgets are best for you, there are many things one must consider. If a product is lacking in any way, it may not be the right choice for your needs. Thus, we provide this intensive and deep-down write-up about the blenders to understand better and pick out items you need most for your lifestyle and better usage.


Can the baby bullet crush ice?

Yes, it will crush ice if you make the ice pieces into small sizes but better to use liquid with it for better operation.


Can I use Magic Bullet to chop onions?

You can use a magic blender, but it comes in different types and models. For example, you have one with a single blade, two or even three blades. The type of blade you choose will determine what food you can blend, such as onions, cheeses, meats, frozen drinks, and coffee beans. With the help of a cross blade, you can better chop the onion.

Which magic bullet blade is best for ice?

The cross blade is best for pulverizing the ice to make better smoothies.