Shhh… Here are the Best Quiet Blenders in Market

Review Summary

Blenders are indispensable in the kitchen, from leafy greens to seasonings, frying batters, and smoothies. From breakfast to dinner, this tiny piece of equipment may help make every meal great. They are quite useful because they are tiny and portable.

A decent blender can do a lot of duties in the kitchen, but it can also produce a lot of noise, which may drive everybody in the family insane. Fortunately, there are certain blenders on the sale that are expressly built to be quiet.

Some include built-in noise-reduction technologies, while others are just recognized for excellent low-volume performance. This list of the finest silent blenders ensures that you can have a blender that doesn’t wake up the whole house.

Our Top Picks

  1. Best for restaurantsVitamix 36019 48-Oz Blender
  2. Best for top pickHamilton Beach Professional 58870 32-Oz Blender
  3. Best for familiesBlendtec Professional 800 90-Oz Blender
  4. Best for home settingHamilton Beach SoundShield 5-Speed Blender (53602)
  5. Best for portabilityChulux 32-Oz Blender 
  6. Best for innovative technologyTribest Glass Personal Vacuum Blender PBG-5001
  7. Best for powerful motorWantJoin WZ-K90 80-Oz Blender
  8. Best for affordabilityBLACK+DECKER PowerCrush with Quiet Technology BL1300DG-T
  9. Best for hard ingredientsCranddi K90-R 80-Oz Blender

Comprehensive Comparison Chart of Quiet Blenders in 2022

Full Detailed Review of Best Quiet Blenders

1. Vitamix 36019 48-Oz Blender

The Vitamix 36019 48-ounce blender includes current features that frequent blender users will appreciate. This blender is suitable for accuracy tasks since it has up to 93 various mechanical speeds. It has a soundproof hood that reduces noise, making it a fantastic choice for busy kitchens and commercial businesses. The container on this blender, however, is composed of plastic and is susceptible to scuffs and splits under certain situations.

A calibrated Tritan pitcher is included with this Vitamix 36019 to make pouring water and components easier. It features a small cover with a casual look that saves extra space and allows you to stack goods on top. Customization is simple thanks to a capacitive touch panel with various fan speeds. This blender is made of high-quality materials and is suitable for busy households. It has six preset programs for quickly preparing snacks and drinks.

  • Exceptionally adaptable
  • Construction that saves space
  • An excellent noise shield is included
  • Ice and abrasive materials can shatter plastic jars

2. Hamilton Beach Professional 58870 32-Oz Blender

To prepare juice, drinks, and milkshakes, the Hamilton Beach Professional 58870 32-ounce blender has a strong rotor. For maximum efficiency, this blender increases airflow. It comes with a 32-ounce pitcher that may be used for serving, as well as an adjustable speed dial for controlling the fan speed. 

This blender also has a pre-programmed smoothie and ice-crushing options for one-touch ease. The jar, however, is composed of polyethylene and is susceptible to frost and other materials damaging it.

The tamper on this Hamilton Beach Professional 58870 32-oz blender improves blending effectiveness, and the BPA-free pitcher makes cleanup a breeze. Maintenance is made easier with an auto-clean feature. The gadget has a maximum power requirement of 1500W, sufficient for hard substances. It contains a noise barrier that may be removed and used in situations where noise is prohibited. It boasts tough blades that can handle ice and frozen foods, and a pulse setting allows for fine blending operation.

  • Enormously potent machine
  • Quiet cover (detachable)
  • Four pre-programmed choices
  • Cracking a plastic container is common

3. Blendtec Professional 800 90-Oz Blender

The huge container of the Blendtec Professional 800 90-oz blender will gratify consumers who need to serve large amounts of juice and dishes. This gadget is great for large households and can comfortably handle small groups. It contains six pre-programmed modes and a pulse button for quickly producing juice and other beverages. However, with particularly hard foods, this Blendtec blender suffers.

This Blendtec Pro 800 90-oz blender offers versatility with eleven motor settings. For safety, it contains a BPA-free pitcher. This mixer is a favorite of smoothie bars and other businesses because of its high-quality parts and enormous size.

Moreover, a sound shield enables silent operation. The stainless steel blades of the blender have blunt wingtips that suck items in quickly. A 1800W motor is powerful enough to smash even the toughest substances.

  • Giant bowl
  • Noise-canceling pitching
  • Pre-programmed options
  • With really difficult elements, the motor stumbles

4. Hamilton Beach SoundShield 5-Speed Blender (53602)

Another Hamilton recommendation, we picked this for our selection since it is ideal for a home environment with low decibel levels. There are three pre-programmed speeds and a pulse setting on the blender. The Hamilton boasts a 950-watt engine that can prepare smoothies and milkshakes and smash the ice and leafy like kale, lettuce, cabbage, and other vegetables.

The jar holds 52 ounces of liquid and is crafted of strong, durable glass. An enclosure nozzle on the lid allows you to add items as they mix. A travel-sized jar is also included for fast sips on the road. The jar has a hatch-style pour nozzle that allows for drip-free pouring. A translucent cover pivoted at the rear of the blender glides up and down smoothly, providing a silent operation.

According to Hamilton, the sound generated by this mixer is at a minimum 50-60% lower than that of other blenders. Cleaning the blades is straightforward, and you can either unscrew them and put them in the washer or clean them manually. The jug, cover, and blades may all be washed in the washer.

  • 3-year guarantee
  • Excellent value for money
  • Cleaning is simple.
  • A well-designed acoustic shield that greatly decreases noise
  • It features a polymer motor drive, which may shorten the motor’s longevity

5. Chulux 32-Oz Blender

The compact form of the Chulux 32-Oz blender sets it apart. The 1000W motor in this gadget is powerful enough to crush fruits and veggies. It includes a non-skid base that keeps it stable during mixing. It also includes a 15-ounce cup that can be used as a smoothie cup on the go. The pitcher and jug are made of BPA-free polypropylene and are long-lasting. However, the speed choices and presets on this blender are nothing worth bragging about.

This Chulux 32-ounce blender fits effortlessly into travel bags and packs. It features a sleek foundation that is easy to clean and has an appealing appearance. Its six-blade design allows for quick and efficient operation. This Chulux blender is simple to use, with only one button. Before a cup or jug is inserted, the gadget contains a safety deadbolt lock that precludes the blades from working. This equipment, which has strong stainless steel blades, is ideal for ice and iced fruit dishes.

  • Exceptional portability
  • Finished in stainless steel
  • Strong motor
  • Alteration choices are limited

6. Tribest Glass Personal Vacuum Blender PBG-5001

Clients have compared the strong performance of this device to that of Tribest mixer, but with the added benefit of innovative vacuum technology. Vacuum blenders go above and above by eliminating oxygen before mixing, preserving nutrients that would otherwise be lost to oxidation.

The tight closure and suction capability help to achieve this. Regular and vacuum mixing can be alternated. Only the preset automatic functions, not user adjustments, operate with the vacuum functionality. This blender offers a pulse ability to improve the speed and a changeable speed dial.

The stainless steel edge and 500-watt motor make smashing ice and nuts simple. By tapping the touch button, you may pick any of the constructed programs for nuts, broth, smoothies, veggies, and fruits, making this device ideal for kale juice, shakes, lattes, and more. The BPA-free container has a 42-ounce volume and can be washed in the washer.

  • Minerals, taste, and consistency are preserved
  • Stainless steel blades and a durable construction
  • Long-term guarantee
  • Somehow the price is high

7. WantJoin WZ-K90 80-Oz Blender

The WantJoin WZ-K90 80-oz mixer has a huge container for making snacks for households and small groups. This blender has a powerful 2200W motor that can handle a wide range of drink & food preparations. It has excellent and efficient dual-direction blades. This juicer, smoothie, and nut butter maker have 15 motor speeds. The mixing process may be controlled with a pulse trigger. However, cleaning this blender is difficult.

This 80-ounce blender from WantJoin smashes ice, nuts, and chilled fruits. It features an automatic clean function that removes debris. For quick results, use the supplied tamper to swirl substances down the blades. To maintain the loudness in the kitchen, the blender features an acoustic barrier. For your convenience, this sound cage may be removed. This gadget contains an easy-to-use settings menu with conventional buttons and spinning knobs for simple operation.

  • Excellent noise-canceling cover
  • Design flexibility
  • A large pitcher
  • Cleaning is challenging

8. BLACK+DECKER PowerCrush with Quiet Technology BL1300DG-T

The Black & Decker is a cost-effective solution for individuals searching for a tranquil blender for domestic uses that isn’t too big. It has a 900-watt power that can efficiently cut down mild food and ice.

Four robust stainless steel edges can easily tackle everyday jobs. The blender includes an 18-ounce container, ideal for individuals who want a quick milkshake or drink. The twisting action of the travel lid keeps the drink from spilling.

The glass jar holds 48 ounces and is quite durable. This jar will appeal to those who want to avoid using plastic. The lessened sound comes out of its low wattage engine, and there are no extra shields to add on with its mass.

It comes with three blending speeds, a pulse function, and digital controls. The One Push pre-programmed smoothie feature, which produces a delightful drink in 30 seconds, was our favorite.

  • The base is simple to put on again and remove
  • Inexpensive
  • Dishwasher-friendly
  • There is just one mechanical pulse adjustment

9. Cranddi K90-R 80-Oz Blender

Cranddi’s K90-R 80-ounce blender is built for efficiency and silent operation. This blender is equipped with a strong 2200W engine capable of smashing practically any culinary item. It’s great for dairy products, stews, drinks, and canned fruit dishes. This blender’s ultra-large 80-ounce container allows homeowners to prepare meals for spouses and children in one shot. For your protection, the pitcher is BPA-free. The pitcher, however, is composed of plastic and is susceptible to scratches and splits when used frequently with harsh materials.

This Cranddi K90-R 80-oz blender arrives with a handbook full of the best recipes. It features a self-cleaning cycle that makes cleanup a breeze. This gadget pulverizes items quickly using a three-layer, six-leaf steel blade. It contains a pulse trigger and a 15-speed power button for customization. For safety, this gadget incorporates a physical process and overheating prevention. This gadget is easy to clean because it contains dishwasher-safe elements. A tamper enrages the mixing components for quick results.

  • Fantastically adaptable design
  • The blades and motor are sharp.
  • Low amounts of noise
  • The plastic pitcher is prone to breaking

Detailed Buying Guide For Choosing Quiet Blenders

As more consumers want a quiet mixer, more companies develop improved models. I wanted to offer a purchase guide to assist you in your quest.


If you’re studying this, loudness is the greatest factor to consider when purchasing a product. The actual racket is made by the motor base, but there’s no avoiding the reality that you need to establish a balance between energy capacity and loudness.

Is a noisy device that works great better for you? Consider investing in a more robust blender. If you require it to work “quietly” on all occasions, however, you must attach great importance to the acoustic technologies used.

Shield for sound reduction

A cover that drapes over the main blending jar is used by some of the silent blenders I’ve evaluated for this article. This provides a very helpful barrier, although it makes the device bigger.

Efficacy of Blades

Stainless steel blades are used in a significant number of blenders. However, sharpened stainless steel blades are preferable since they will last longer and perform more smoothly. The broader and faster the blades are, the faster they will cut through your components.

Size of pitcher

A handheld mixer may be all you need if you sometimes deal with lesser volumes. These have lower capacity ratings and produce less noise, but their efficiency is restricted.

Ease of Use and speeds

If you are just doing basic blending, you might be frugal by purchasing a less expensive blender. If you want extra complex capabilities, such as programmed blending programs, make sure they’re accessible from the blender’s side.

Is It easy to clean?

It’s essential to ensure that your blender is easy to clean if you want to get the most out of it. You could utilize a little less than you planned if it’s difficult to dismantle for hand washing.

A general guide to device

I wanted to wrap up this part by discussing something unrelated to your purchase device. The noise generated is affected by the size and design of your home, where you set the mixer and the durability of your countertop.

If your blender doesn’t have latex feet, you might want to consider putting it on a concrete pad. It’s not as beautiful as the previous option, but it may be fairly efficient in dampening some noise.

Final Thoughts

So now you know how several compounds containing yet silent blenders are accessible, you can choose the best one for you. However, there is no like thing as a perfectly silent blender, the combination of casings and sound-canceling technologies results in much-reduced noise.

As all of these mixers are wonderful for preparing smoothies and mixing frozen beverages, they aren’t designed to take the place of your stick blender. When it comes to selecting noiseless blenders, bear in mind that functionality will not be compromised.


What methods do manufacturers use to minimize noise levels?

They use optimum airflow and specific screens like the Quiet Shield, which completely encompasses and covers the blender, to mask the noise. Unfortunately, vacuum mixing appears to be unsuccessful.

Is It Possible To Find A Blender That Doesn’t Make Noise?

There is no such item as a perfectly quiet mixer, as far as I know. However, it is extremely feasible to get a blender that runs at a volume similar to that of a discussion. To reduce bulk, the finest of them utilize shield technology and stronger motor bases. They are usually more expensive, but they are the ideal option if you want the quietest blender possible.

What can I do to make my blender quieter?

There are a few things you can do to reduce the amount of noise your blender makes.

The first alternative is to use a rubber pad to set the blender on. You might also try attaching rubber bottoms to the device. This is a more attractive alternative that will reduce vibration significantly. Finally, think about where you’ll put your blender.

What Is The Best Quiet Blender Brand?

Blendtec, Vitamix, & Hamilton Beach are among the finest silent blenders, in our view. Also worth considering are Weston and Waring. They all make decent blenders, provide excellent customer service, and offer reasonable warranty claims.

Is a Quiet Mixer a Good Investment?

In my opinion, it is a good investment for several reasons mentioned below. You can look at it and then decide whether it is a good investment for you or not.

They are silent: A silent blender has greater insulation than a conventional blender, which helps to minimize engine noise, and it often incorporates a noise-dampening lid to assist in restricting blade noise. It’s ideal for smoothies in the morning.

They’re small: Quiet blenders are smaller than standard blenders because their motors are smaller. This makes them ideal for dormitories, apartment complexes, and kitchens with limited space.

They’re not costly: A quiet mixer with a relatively small crankshaft will cost significantly less than a conventional blender or a steeply commercial blender if you’re on a spending plan.