Blendtec Professional 800 – Quiet Blender Review

Editor Rating: 4.5/5
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Review Summary

Operating at the sound level of normal conversation, the Professional 800 is the quietest blender that operates at a sound level that won’t interrupt. It features the most advanced proprietary sound dampening and airflow innovations anywhere—proving that industrial-strength power doesn’t require industrial-strength noise. The Professional 800 features an 11-speed capacitive touch slider for the ultimate precision speed control. Users can blend into perfect consistency simply by swiping one finger up and down the control panel.


Ninja CT810 Chef Blender





Illuminated Capacitive Touch

Finish and Material

Black plastic

Product Dimensions

38x 25 x 44 inches

Item Weight

11.97 lbs.


120 Volts

Container Capacity

2.6 L container

Sold separately:

32 oz (946 mL) jar

24 oz (709 mL) cup

16 0z (473 mL) twister jar

Main Features

  • Ultra-Powerful 1800-watt Motor

    A truly silent Blender (Sounder Encloser)

    Stainless steel Blade

    11-speed manual touch slider

    Pre-programmed cycles: Dips/battery, Mixed Drinks, Smoothie, Frozen Treats etc.

    10 Years comprehensive warranty (household use only, 1 Year commercial warranty)


#2 Best Blender 2019 and 2020

#1 Best Blender 2021

#2 Best High-Powder Blender



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Stealth Technology:

The Professional 800 is the most Ultra-powerful and quietest blender – It works at the everyday conversation level. Housed in a sleek, sealed sound enclosure, it showcases the most advanced exclusive innovations in sound damping and airflow, demonstrating that industrial power requires no industrial noise.

Stainless-Steel Blades:

This unique single wingtip blade allows everything to draw the food down into the blade, called vortex. Vortex draws it down into the blade itself so that it’s not going to be shooting away from the blade and not away from the processing center of that machine; this is the unique feature of this blender.

11-Speed Touch Slider + Pulse

The Professional 800 is equipped with an 11-speed capacitive touch slider for the ultimate precision speed control. Users can blend into perfect consistency simply by swiping one finger down and up the control panel. The pulse button adds a burst of high-speed blending power while maintaining the noise level at a minimum.

Easy To Clean:

You can easily clean the Professional 800 blender. You can wash it in a container of warm water by adding a few drops of dish soap. After that blend for several seconds and then rinse it. Don’t worry about the multiple parts of the component to take apart of wash and also saves some washing time. Still, it also keeps your hand safe and away from the blade.

Six Programmed Blend Cycles:

This Professional 800 blender is very simple to operate as it has an 11-speed setting operation. There are six Programmed blend cycles customized to blend just about any hard and soft recipe -from green smoothies to margaritas to hot soups with the touch of an icon.

Attachments And Accessories:

There are unique and particular accessories and attachments with this product. This Powerful Blender comes with a container called Sound Enclosure. Sound enclosure is used to reduce noise. The unique thing is Triton coal polyester which is free from BPA. This BPA (Bisphenol A) will make it a healthier drink than anyone.

Pros & Cons

  • 3.8 peak Horsepower motor
  • Tips spin go up to 300 miles an hour
  • Comes with a comfortable hold design
  • Six Pre-Programmed blend cycles
  • 6 available Presets
  • LED Display
  • 90 oz. volume jar with 36 oz. blending capacity
  • BPA free and Blender jar
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • 10-Year warranty
  • Premium price tag
  • Little bulky


This brief and in-depth review about the Professional 800 blender is the best quiet household blender of all time. It’s also the most robust, with a 3.8 peak horsepower motor. Furthermore, its great modern technologies such as a one-touch interface, six automatic presets, an 11-speed Slider, and stainless-steel blades are Ultra-powerfully built and durable through which you will get the most suitable solvent.

The Professional 800 blender is a highly multitalented and remarkable, officially approved kitchen tool by most expert chefs. It sincerely performs its task to the top rank that no other like Classic, Designer, Signature blender in the market can do.


Is Blendtec Professional 800 Blender worth it?

 Yes, The Blendtec professional 800 is a premium price tag, so it is not recommended for starters. For a more affordable and high-performance blender, you should check (Bamix G200 Gaster Pro-2 Professional Immersion Hand Blender).

Is there any problem with the leak out from the Professional 800?

 No. There have been no reports of any leaks from the Professional 800 blender.

Does The Professional 800 Blender work on Raw Food?

Yes. The blender is ultra-powerful blades. It has the power to smash and liquefy any raw food.