Delicious Protein Oatmeal Blender Pancake

Oatmeal blend pancake that is very fluffy and protein-rich is the ideal great breakfast option. The only ingredients used to make these nutritious pancakes are oat flour, Greek yogurt, eggs, and rolled oats; there are no additional sweeteners. These tasty oat pancakes may be quickly prepared in advance for dinner preparation or eaten right away.

The greek yogurt and rolled oats, both fantastic sources of protein and fiber, make oat flour pancakes the ideal way to start the day. Selecting the ingredients you wish to include in the pancakes is one of the nicest aspects of this dish. Although I like having fresh berries to mine, the cook is solely responsible for this decision. Consider chia seeds, white chocolate, banana chunks, or any other yearning you may have.

This recipe for blender pancakes does not often include a banana in the mixture. This indicates that this banana-free blender pancake is for those who do not like bananas.

Audience of the Recipe

Despite the fact that they taste fantastic, this recipe is ideal for anyone of you who wake up in a hurry. This recipe calls for blending the ingredients to create the mixture, which makes cleanup a breeze. Everyone is sure to like these, making them perfect for making a quick family breakfast.

Ingredients in use:

These nutritious, delicious pancakes made with a blender need a few simple, healthful ingredients. Here are the ingredients you need to prepare this new morning favorite, from fresh eggs to almond butter to traditional rolled oats:

  • For the mixture to keep the components together to give these cakes a frothy texture, you’ll require two eggs. Additionally, eggs are a fantastic source of many nutrients and protein!
  • Greek yogurt, either vanilla or plain, is equal to 1/2 cup. This makes pancakes the fuzziest ever and gives them a nutritional boost.
  • Any milk should serve, but I particularly like almond milk since it is lactose and has a great earthy taste. 2/3 cup is required.
  • 2 Tbsps of genuine maple syrup should be added for a sweet flavor. This eliminates refined sugar from these protein pancakes made with oat flour! Honey or golden syrup are further options.
  • Add 1.5 tbsp of vanilla extract to the blender; a little long way.
  • To maintain this dish free of gluten, we use two cups of oats that have received special certification. These pancakes made with oat flour are significantly healthier than those made with refined flour since the oats may be blended into oat flour.
  • These oatmeal pancakes have a bit more rise and froth thanks to 2 tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda.
  • Add a half teaspoon of cinnamon at the end to finish it all off.

Need for kitchen hardware

I adore straightforward meals, particularly those that don’t need a tonne of equipment in the kitchen, and make restoration simple. In fact, just 3 ingredients—including measuring cups—are needed for this nutritious breakfast and brunch meal. The list consists of very few basic kitchenware required to prepare these light pancakes made with blended oatmeal:

  • Blender High Speed
  • Substantial nonstick pan
  • Tools for gauging: 1/3 cup, 2 cups, half a cup, and 1 tsp.

Steps in making pancake

These simple to prepare oatmeal pancakes with protein are made in a blender. The processes and equipment needed for this recipe are basic. In reality, you place all ingredients in a food processor and pulse till you have a pancake mixture. You and your household will love them without a doubt! The greatest protein pancakes made with oat flour may be made as follows:

The eggs, Greek yogurt, almond butter, maple syrup, vanilla essence, rolled oats, baking soda, and cinnamon are put into a processor as the first phase. You should mix the batter up until it has a creamy consistency. It should just take 20 – 30 seconds to complete this. Avoid blending too much!

Then, while the frying pan is heating to moderate, let the pancake mixture rest for 8 minutes. The batter may either be transferred to a large bowl or left in the processor.

About 1/4 to 1/3 cups of oatmeal dough or batter should be added to the hot frying pan after adding a little buttery or Teflon coating. Then, add the combination of your choice.

The pancake should be cooked for two to three minutes, or until the corners are crisp and the top is beginning to pop. Once the second side has been cooked for approximately a minute, carefully turn it over. About 12 to 16 pancakes should be produced by this formula.

Serve right away with honey, nut butter, fresh produce, or maple syrup. Enjoy your fantastic protein-rich pancakes!

Substitution for Unavailable Ingredients

Simply swap out the traditional rolled oats with quick oats. Grab oats must not be used.

Instead of the experimental syrup, you may want to try using honey or agave! Replace each with the other.

For a little more kick, try substituting pumpkin flavor for the cinnamon in these oat gluten protein pancakes.

Any unsweetened nut milk will work in this recipe. Try ordinary 2 percent milk, whole fat milk, or walnut milk.


How should uncooked oat pancakes be kept?

The fact that the oatmeal pancakes are excellent for dinner preparation is one of their most remarkable features. Oatmeal pancake leftovers may easily be kept in the refrigerator for two to three days in separate sealed containers. Then, microwave them in the oven or on the stove at 350°F for 5–10 minutes, or until heated.

Can pancakes be frozen?

Yes, you may combine pancakes with oat flour for up to three months. The pancakes must be cooled before being placed in a zip-top container or refrigerated container.

How are frozen pancakes reheated?

Wrapped with wet paper napkins, heat thawed pancakes in the oven at 20 frames a second or until toasty. Alternately, toast them in the microwave at 350 ° F for 5 to 10 minutes, or until they are warm.

How to prepare pancakes in a blender?

For up to four days, keep in the refrigerator in airtight bags. Put in the toaster for about a minute to reheat when ready to eat in the morning as you go to the job.

Is protein powder acceptable?

Yes, taking protein powder will help you add more protein. If so, add one dose of whey protein after using only 1 + 3/4 cups of rolled oats.