How To Make Whipped Cream In A Blender

Are you also loving whipped cream, topping it over dishes, pies, cakes, or other cuisines? But sometimes, you may restrain yourself from consuming it because one thinks the product contains harmful ingredients when purchased from outside ( retails ). Don’t worry; here we are to let you know how you can create your own whipped cream at home and enjoy this heavenly dish swiftly.

We will be guiding you on how you can make this cream by whisking it and by using the blender because you should know how to use a blender for this purpose and when to stop; otherwise, you will be left with curdling like stuff which then will be a useless thing for you.

Let’s first know the recipes for the cream.

Recipe # 1- Making Whip Cream With Whipping Cream And Vanilla Extract

Initially, you have to equip yourself with cream (whipping cream), an amount of crushed white sugar that is powdered, and vanilla extract; you can choose to have as much quantity of these ingredients as you want because it all depends on how much-whipped cream you are making. 

After considering and accumulating all of the above stuff, just put them all in a blender gently and turn it on for 10 to 20 seconds but at a low speed. After 20 seconds, the cream will be condensed, but don’t worry, and you can also make it watery if you like so by mixing it well

 Ingredients check

  • Whipping cream
  • Crushed white powdered sugar
  • Vanilla extract

Recipe # 2-Making Whip Cream With Milk And Softened Butter

If anyone is not having above mentioned ingredients, they can also create this magnificent cuisine with other stuff like you can also use other mixers other than whipping cream, just like the usage of 1/2,1/3 cup of softened butter and ¾ cup of milk, which can also make your dish and complete it with a delicious taste.

It is the fat content of the butter that makes the whipped cream condensed and thick enough. Since the fat content in milk is not enough, it must be added into the milk. This method still works even if you don’t have heavy cream on hand 

You can also use condensed milk in this mixer.

Ingredients check

  • ½ or 1/3 cup of softened butter
  • ¾ cup of milk

Recipe # 3-Making Sugar Free Sweetener For Using Instead Of Sugar

Here we will be talking about consumers who prefer sugar-free whipped cream or wonder how they can create one. Let’s jump into it; consider it another thing you may have to do for your cream. If you can purchase sugar-free powder from the store, it is the most straightforward way to get it; otherwise, you have to create one yourself.

Creating sugar-free powder at home will require you to have a blender and add in it ¾ cup of granular sucralose substance and mix it well in the mixture, then add an amount of sweetener in it, like a couple of spoons cornstarch and Splenda, which will add up sugar taste in it.

Place your metal bowl or beater in a freezing area like the fridge to let it chill for around 15-25 minutes before using it; this will help to make it powdered.

Then place all your mixers/ingredients in your metal bowl or beater for mixing purposes and beat it till the time you don’t see a peak form but be alert; don’t over mix it.

By this, you can have your sugar-free powder, which you can use instead of sugar in your whipped cream, and believe it or not, you will love this.

Ingredients check

  • ¾ cup of granular sucralose substance
  • Couple spoon of cornstarch or Splenda

Note (this recipe is for making sugar free sweetener to be used in recipe 1 and 2)


The procedure mostly is the same for making any type of whip cream in a blender.

Firstly, pour your blender with the ingredients you are using, and we will also suggest you use a powerful blender that can, without any hurdle, get you the job done with its immersive engine.

Secondly, cover the blender with its cap and rotate it at a low pace for over 10 to 20 seconds. After this time, stop it and check by removing the lid and notice whether the mixture is condensed or watery because it becomes thick during the process but yet keeps the shape of low condensed.

Next, use a rubber spoon or spatula for accumulating all the cream from every corner of the container.

Moreover, the pulse feature in a blender is a plus point. Use this feature a couple of times, maybe 3 or 4, and wait until you get your perfect texture.

Finally, you are there to enjoy the heavenly, mouth-watering, and sweet whipped cream. Storing it in a fridge or any cold place is preferable because cold, and chilled whipped cream adds extra taste in itself

Final Thoughts:

In conclusion, by my side, making whipped cream by hand or by traditional means is quite tedious and complicated; it is because this electrical mixture was invented way early to take this job efficiently and do this very swiftly. Moreover, using ready-made cans will provide you with this heavenly product in a second but will also provide you with some added substances that are dangerous to health and are additive.

Making it by blender enables you to create it quickly. In addition, it helps you maintain your health and body as you are driving it by yourself and not purchasing from other grocery stores or companies that include health-hazardous substances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we chill our blender jar before making whip cream?

I recommend that you chill it before making it because it helps to make the whipped cream easily and adds taste to it as it is better when cooled.

You don’t have to put the whole jar in the freezer; just put it in the fridge; a little chilled is best.

How can we clean the blender once we are done making it? Is it hard or easy to clean it?

Cream starts to stink when you let the jar be uncleaned for a while.

The cleaning process is somehow complicated but not that hard as the cream contains fat, making it hard to be cleaned. You will have to use dawn or whichever soap you use to clean it properly. I recommend that you chill it before making it because it helps to make the whipped cream easily and adds taste to it as it is better when cooled.

You don’t have to put the whole jar in the freezer; just put it in the fridge; a little chilled is best.