How To Whip Egg White In A Blender? Detailed Guide

Many of the delicious dishes and cuisine are prepared using the foam texture of whipped egg whites, which last gives you a great taste in your dishes like cakes and souffles. Overbeating the egg can totally give you an inverse taste that you were expecting. That’s why everyone, whenever you ask anybody, gives you the suggestion to whip the egg very carefully. Especially when you whip the egg in a blender, because of the reason that the sharp blades of the blender split the condensed substances of egg white, which in return gives you a very less dense whipped egg; which honestly speaking does not provide a charming foam and taste in your dish.

Stiff Peak

The formed peaks when the egg white is nicely whisked are known as the stiff peak. It is formed by the air inside the egg white; that air creates a stiff peak. This stiff peak can be utilized in many tasks like preparing mouthwatering fluffy pastries. Results are always nice and charming when the whisking and stiffing are done correctly, but the slightest mistake here can change the whole course of taste which you might have expected.

Process of Making A Stiff Peak:

The process of making a stiff peak is like you have to take out the yolk of an egg from it and let there be only egg white. Get a rounded type of plate or bowl for storing the egg white in it; the main thing here to see is that make sure the egg yolk is not there. Otherwise, a stiff peak will not be made perfect.

Afterward, whisk the egg white thoroughly. This process can also be done by hand, hand mixer, or blender, but make sure not to overbeat it.

For instance, say you are using a blender for your stiffing, keep in mind that medium pace speed should be used to form the stiff as if the egg white is whisked at a high pace; it can damage the stiff. Also, try to drizzle some amount of tartar cream in it for taste which is very nice for 1- 3 eggs.

Stages Of The Peaks

The stiff peak is obtained in three stages soft peak, then firm peak, and at last stiff peak; have patience during this all process.

These stages have different textures and designs as for soft peak does not stay in the same shape for a much longer period, but for a very short, so for it, you do need to whisk it for too long.

Moreover, the firm peak comes, which stays in a certain shape for a long time. Now the stiff peak is also the same; it does not change its shape like a firm peak then a question arises what is then the difference between both of these. The answer is firm peak can’t stay still in a blender, while the stiff peak will stay in the same position and stays still in a blender even when you try to test it by turning the blender upside down or to and forth; this is the difference to identify between these two peaks.

After achieving the soft peak, whisk it a little more to obtain the firm and then whisk it again for a couple of minutes at a medium pace to achieve the stiff peak from egg white.

Blenders You Can Use To Whisk


If you talk about whisking with the help of a blender nutribullet blender comes first in our mind. These blenders can be used to whisk the egg white for a stiff peak, but you must be a regular user of it to know the speed and timing estimation of the blender. Make sure to set the speed of the blender at a slower pace to have a good and perfect texture of the stiff peak.


 Apart from these immersion blenders, which resemble more like the regular kitchen blenders we use can also be used for whisking it but again, make sure to set the speed at a slower pace to have a good foamy texture.


First, we hope that you find this article helpful for your knowledge of how to whisk the egg white in a blender. Moreover, we have covered the ways to make it and also tried to make you aware of the different stages of the process and how to achieve a perfect stiff peak. And in last, we have suggested two blender types that you can use to prepare the stiff peak.

Frequently asked Questions:

How much time will it take to be whipped by hands?

This activity of whipping the eggs through your own hands is very much primitive and old traditional. Here in this situation, your time solely depends on how many eggs you want to whip at once, as the timing differs every time you whip some extra eggs. Like the prior timing of your whipping of one egg will be different when you try to whip two eggs.

Can I store my whipped eggs?

No, you should not put the whipped eggs in the fridge without having a wrong perception that you might use them for future purposes; but it is not the case here. The whipped eggs, if stored in the fridge or elsewhere, will make them inedible. Whipped eggs must be consumed and utilized in the earliest hours or as soon as possible for baking or where ever you wanna use them.

If I overwhip the eggs, what should I do now?

In this situation, when you have, say, blended the egg white much or have over-beaten it, quickly add an extra egg into the overbeaten stiff and whip it again; this will make your overbeaten stiff moisture, and you will have again the nicely made stiff.