Ninja BL480D Nutri 1000 Watt Auto-IQ Base Personal Blender Review

Editor Rating: 4.2/5
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Review Summary

The Nutri Ninja with Auto IQ removes the mystery from drink making. Auto-IQ innovation features programs that combine unique time pulsing, mixing, and stopping patterns that accomplish your work.

The automatic IQ system mix mode will heartbeat and will rotate at different rates in a 45-second time period. It’s very much good for delicate fixings. You should utilize the One minute running cycle ultra blend mode to handle additional difficult things.

I’ve seen a ton of item audits, but this one here does your work done effectively. The mix quality is impressive. It crushes ice like no one, which is an accomplishment for a smaller machine.

Some Best Features of Ninja BL480D Nutri Blender

Unique design

Created by combining plastic and stainless steel makes the look of ninja Nutri very much fascinating and eye-catchy. Furthermore, the design allows the user to clean it very swiftly and efficiently. The motor in this blender is shockingly strong and can move the entire thing, particularly while utilizing the Auto-IQ highlights. To check it, the blender has suction cups rather than elastic feet that take hold of surfaces to hold the blender back from moving by any means.

Blender is so small in size that it can easily fit anywhere in the kitchen.

Easy to use

This machine is so easy and pleasant to use the way you want. Pick up the container, put in it the ingredients you wish to, or liquid close the jar with bladed lid and place it on the base of the blender and see the magic in a moment your serving is ready without any hard work so simply and easily you got your result.

And furthermore, you can either press “begin” to get it moving or use the Auto-IQ component to mix or ultra-mix. The Auto-IQ begins an automated cycle of beating, integrating, and stopping to thoroughly mix your fixings into a smooth outcome with the touching of a button.

Power engine and functions

Nutri ninja consists of a 1000 watt power engine that produces around 21000 rpm, a pretty high number. For a reason, that engine is built upon plastic material. It cannot last longer and which is one of the opposing points.


The blender’s dimensions are 15.5in Long by 6in Wide by 6in Height, effectively fitting under conventional 8″ cupboards without dismantling it. With a minimal body and weighing less than 6 pounds, putting it and moving it around is incredibly simple.

The BL480 accompanies two compartments: a little 18 oz. and a medium-sized 24 oz. The little one is ideal for one smoothie, and the medium one ideal for getting ready two in one cup.

Speed mode

Not in the least the Ninja BL480 dominates in serving you with smoothies and juices, but at the same time, it’s a reliable instrument in the vicinity of kitchen. It accompanies two mixed settings for handling a wide determination of plans.

Consisting with a pair of speed choices is very intriguing for a personal blender and this feature add value in its speeding functionality which always fascinates everyone, so that is a valid justification to get this product.

Blending modes and control panel.

The ninja auto IQ 1000w comes with two control panels and two walk away blend settings

On the off chance that you’re mixing soft ingredients, utilize the automatic IQ blending mode. It will rotate for around 45 seconds in a progression of differing paces.

The Ultra Blend feature mode is intended for more complex things LIKE root vegetables and running FOR 60 seconds.

If those settings didn’t accomplish your ideal consistency, you could utilize the beginning/end or the PULSE feature.

  • Small in size
  • Auto-IQ
  • Very much easy to use and understand
  • Powerful engine of 1000 watt
  • Cups with a facility of BPA free
  • Not that much expensive
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Warranty of a year
  • Noisy
  • Hot servings can’t be made


Smoothies and a wide range of cold beverages come out without a hitch, and the container configuration permits you to drink straightforwardly from them and improve your cleanup subsequently.

This machine is wholesome if you want a quick and easy-made smoothie with additional functionality. The Nutri ninja is then a perfect fit for it.

If you want a small-size kitchen gadget for blending and should not be used for hot items and ingredients, this ninja Nutri bl480d is the best suitable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we make baby food while using a ninja blender?

 Indeed. The Ninja BL480D doesn’t contain BPA. It’s safe for making child food.

How much power full is its motor?

The Nutri Ninja Auto-IQ (BL480) accompanies a 1000-watt engine.