Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System 72 oz. Reviews

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Review Summary

When it comes to blenders, people wish to have a blender with one of the three functionalities, either it is a powerful blender or good for processing the food or a bullet blender. The powerful blender works excellent when you want to make a margarita. The food processor is best for making sorbet and soup. The bullet blender (Personal blender) works great when you run for work.

It will not be a sensible option if you carry three blenders in a kitchen. There is a substitute for it. Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System gathers these three functionalities in it. Each feature functions excellent, and the item carries little space.

The 1500 watt blender will be an excellent investment as it carries multifunctional tasks. The Ninja BL770 is cost-friendly and offers a list of things in the box that will help you conveniently.

Some Best Features of Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System

Versatility in Speed Functions

Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System has used the most advanced technology. The motor base is mighty; it has four versatile functionalities, including mixing, blending, crushing and single serve. One thousand five hundred watts are utilized using these four functionalities that make a truly delicious drink. 


Crushing Power

Ninja Mega Kitchen System has a crushing pitcher of 72 ounces. In seconds, it pulverizes the rigid ingredients like ice into small pieces like snow. For smoothies and frozen drinks, for example, frozen desserts. The motor is of a two-plus horsepower, and it produces 64 ounces of liquid capacity from 72 ounces.   



The package comes up with Nutri Cups of 16 ounces (2 cups) in which To-Go lids are attached. It creates convenience for the users to make a drink and carry it if they are running late for their work.  


Easy to Clean

The powerful BL770 Mega Kitchen blender is convenient to clean because all the parts are BPA free and Dishwasher Safe. You need to put hot water into the container, use the given cleaning brush to avoid any harm from the blade and clean it. After cleaning it, dry it thoroughly with air.  

Quick to mix Dough

A dough mixer carries powerful torque to fold the ingredients quickly in seconds. It takes two pounds of Dough in around thirty seconds.  


Recipe Guide:

The package also includes a guide (inspiration guide) that directs the users to prepare 31 recipes step by step easily. The inspiration guide helps create frozen drinks, smoothies and other delicious recipes.

  • It is not much expensive
  • It offers a high-watt powerful motor that easily crushes the ice and other frozen ingredients
  • The parts are Dishwasher Safe
  • It carries four functionalities
  • It has a classic design
  • It has a liquid capacity of 64 ounces
  • There are three speed controls, including pulse
  • All the parts are BPA free
  • It comes up with To-Go lids of Nutri Ninja Cups
  • The model is not made for hot soups
  • Sometimes it creates noise
  • It only has one year warranty


The all in one blender has a wattage of 1500 watts with the removable blades, which are very sharp. It would be best to be careful when you detach them for washing or other purposes.

The budget-friendly blender offers a list of the things in the box. The 1500 watt motor item offers an Instruction book and a Quickstart guide with an inspirational guide. They direct you to operate the blender efficiently.

As you have gone through the review above, it is sure that the Mega Kitchen Blender carries multiple functions in different dimensions. So, you don’t need other blenders with different functionalities Ninja BL770 Kitchen system does all of your tasks itself as it is a multifunctional blender.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we use hot liquids in the Ninja BL770 blender?

No, the item is not modelled to use hot water, but instead of hot water, you can put warm water into it.

Can it be used as a mixer? For Example, can we make egg whites, cake batters or cookie dough?

Yes, the Ninja Mega Kitchen system can easily make egg whites, cake batters or cookie dough. But they are low-speed units, while the BL770 blender is made for powerful unit recipes.

How much noise does it make?

It makes noise but is not much louder. It carries a powerful motor and works excellent, so the noise is reasonable.