All about Ninja CT810 Chef Blender

Ninja CT810 1500-watt Home Chef Blender
Editor Rating: 4.6/5
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Are you looking for a robust, sleek, stylish, and budget-friendly blender to make a smoothie milkshake without lumps and can be used for chopping foods to make sauces, dips, and salsa. Then there is a Ninja CT 810 Chef blender which fulfills all of your requirements.

However, this blender is easy to use and very cheap compared to others in the market. It has a high-speed blade and variable speed range, making it more impressive to crush even ice, frozen treats, and nuts. Ninja blender has a programmable timer and 10 pre-set auto-iQ switches for more splendid operation.









Product Dimensions

16.4 x 15.3 x 9.8 inches

Item Weight

1 pounds


1500 watts

Main Features

  • 10 different manual mode speeds

    Programmable timer

    High power motor for crushing items more smoothers

    Tamper tools for pushing the ingredient inside the blenders

    Easy to use and clean



Some Best Features of Ninja CT810 Chef Blender

High power motor:

This Ninja chef high-speed blender has a high-end power motor that runs on 1500 watts and speeds up to 18000 rpm. This powerful motor can crush even ice, nuts, and treats quickly. The blander has stainless steel well-designed blades which can rotate at a variable speed of 7000 to 18,000 RPMs powered by a startling motor.

Programmable Timer:

There is no need for the blender to stop the blending process manually after pulverizing the items. Because the Ninja blender is a programmable blender with a timer + button, you can use Auto-iQ technology to make smoothies, mixed drinks, and shakes, which grind and crush the items for a particular time of up to 120 seconds.

Easy to use and clean:

The CT810 blender is not hard and fast to use. The usage of the blender is straightforward; you need to add the ingredients, place the container on the motor base, and reach the pitcher to a position to lock correctly and run it on. In addition to that, it has a self-cleaning feature for which you need to add soap and warm water in the pitcher of the blender, select the clean mode, and press the button to start its self-cleaning operation.

Very Reasonable Price:

When you are going to market to buy a healthy yet affordable product that runs for long and has outstanding performance, luckily, buying a Ninja chef blender will be your high-quality product in a very low price. Still, you may pay a low price to meet your needs accordingly. Thus the Ninja Chef blender comes at such a meager price that any small family can avail its buying potential. Therefore what you pay for will get its results accordingly.

Stable base and full-size container:

When you turn on the conventional blender, you will face the music of getting knocked over or vibrating, which can drive the liquid to spill on your kitchen’s floor. But this professional Ninja blender is not the case because of its stable base system, which sticks to and does not pure the liquid on the floor. Moreover, it has a 72-ounce high capacity to serve the individual and a whole family as well.

Grinding and Milling:

As the Ninja CT810 is a blender used for grinding and milling the items more appropriately, this blender works harder to get good results. It can handle more quantity at once and grin like flour from nuts to grinding up grains but will never fail because of its high-end and powerful blade. But there are some limits to the gradient you use, but you can mostly grin at every type of item one needs in the kitchen.    

  • There are 10 Auto-IQ technology systems for its startling operation
  • The motor is more powerful and flexible which can run up to 18,000 rpm
  • There is no need to wash by hand as it has a self-cleaning function
  • It has a 72-ounce capacity pitcher
  • It has a tamper used for pushing hard foodstuff inside the blender.
  • Comes with a recipe book which has different variety of recipes.
  • Can grin and mill the nuts even
  • It keeps more place
  • It motors produce loud sound


I hope you may have been through this Ninja CT810 chef high-speed blender detailed review which is simple in use, best for blending dry ingredients, and actual value for money product. It is also equipped with 10 manual speeds operation functionality and a programmable timer system.  The Ninja blender is also a perfect choice for small kitchens and home use. It is one of the best blenders we have come across so far. Thus there is no such blender to have all these functionalities at this price range.

How Do I Clean A Ninja Chef Blender?

There is a self-washing feature in this blender which you need to add a small amount of soap and some warm water; thus, it will clean the blender easily.

Also, you can wash it by yourself using some soap and water and clean it as you clean the others things but take care of the blade not to cut your hand.

Does Ninja Chef Blender produce noise during using?

Yes, it produces some noise as it has a powerful motor which runs on 7,000 to 18,000rpms and takes 1500 watts for its proper operation. Thus, it makes noise.

Is the jar made of glass or plastic?

The jar is made of plastic.

Is the Ninja good for smoothies?

Yes, the Ninja CT810 blender is suitable for smoothies as the Ninja blender has up to 18,000 RPMs and takes 1500 watts which is enough for making more smoothies the items.