Ninja Nutri Pro BL456 Personal Blender Review

Editor Rating: 4.2/5
Easy to Use
Easy to Clean
Blending Power
Easy To Hold

Review Summary

Ninja Nutri Pro BL456 Blender is a high-performance personal blender having all of its parts dishwasher safe and BPA free. The Nutri blender perfectly matches the daily practices of blending, purring, and mixing the recipes.

If you are looking for a blender that is easy to carry, store, operate, and make nutrients for individual use, Nutri Pro Compact Personal Blender will surely be the perfect investment. It brings multiple functionalities and specifications, which are explained below.

Some Best Features of Ninja Nutri Pro BL456 Blender

Easy Sipping:

Ninja Nutri Pro Compact blender is designed in a way that can be sipped anywhere as we move the spout cover. It is mainly created for the easiness of the user to pour the drink when it gets ready.


BPA Free:

The personal blender comprises good quality parts as all parts are free from “Bisphenol A” and other chemicals. The elements created by plastic materials will not harm human health. 


Dishwasher Safe Parts:

The Black and Silver Finished professional blender is relatively easy to clean. All the parts of the item are dishwasher safe.


Multiple Operations:

You can use this blender with multiple tasking. As this blender is small enough to carry anywhere, you may operate it anywhere conveniently. On the other hand, the container of the Nutri BL456 is so tiny that you can also drink from it quickly. It helps not to make other dishes dirty. You can make the recipe and have it from the container. They have given several options for the different container sizes, and you may choose any of your preferences. 


Wrapping Facility:

Beneath the base of the item, the facility of cord wrapping is given. You may wrap up the cord there to save the storage for easy carriage after every use of making recipe. 


Professional Power:

There is a professional power of 900 watts that breaks down the frozen fruits and vegetables for nutritious recipes and smoothies. The power source is in the cord, which is of three ft.   


Compact Design:

The item is specially created with a compact design. Each part of the professional power blender is made up in a wat that it can be easy to carry and store. It is small with a wrapping facility that accomplishes all the tasks that a user intends to accomplish anywhere.

  • It is an affordable blender
  • It has a compact design
  • It has a solid motor base
  • Quiet easy to operate because of the easy operating system
  • It can crush rigid ingredients like ice
  • The parts are BPA-free.
  • All the parts are dishwasher safe, so it becomes easy to clean
  • The item is easy to carry anywhere
  • It comes only with one speed
  • It is not created for making hot recipes
  • It sometimes noises while operating


As you have gone through the details of Ninja Nutri Pro BL456 Blender, it has all the functionalities that a personal blender should have, from usage to storage. Additionally, the jars of the ninja product are easy to wash. You just need to fill the hot water into the jars with single drop of good detergent and pulse it a few times. Be careful of one thing that does not supply the water more than the full filling line; otherwise, the water will overflow while pulsing. At last, detach all parts and leave them to dry storing.

Nutri Pro Personal Blender will be an excellent investment for an individual as it accomplishes all requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any difference between Ninja BL450 and Ninja BL456? 

They have resemblances in most of the functionalities. BL456 can make more recipes than BL450. According to customers’ feedback, Ninja BL456 is more convenient to use and is better than Ninja BL450.  


Can we use frozen berries in Ninja Nutri Pro?

Yes, you can use strawberries and blueberries in it. You need to make the sure adequate liquid in it.


Is this the blender that chops the ice quickly without extractions?

Yes, it does a perfect job of chopping the ice. It just takes 20 to 25 seconds to process.


How many cups are included in this order? 

Ninja Nutri Pro (BL456) offers two cups in this order. One is 24 ounces, and the other is 18 ounces.