Ninja Professional Blender 1000w BL610 Review

Editor Rating: 4.2/5
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Review Summary

Whenever you need to serve fizzy drinks or scooper to your guests, a blender is an ideal tool for the job. It serves as a time saver and reduces the amount of work you have to do in the kitchen. A kitchen isn’t complete without a strong blender, so the Ninja blender, also known as a 1000 watts blender, is wise to consider if you’re in the market for one.

This blender is powerful and scalable and operates well with exceptional delicacy, from nice milkshakes and coffee drinks to healthy juices, condiments, and sauces. You can effortlessly create a broad choice of beverages for your relatives and friends with its 72 oz cup volume, all while ensuring that disassembling and washing its washer pieces will be a breeze!

This Ninja Blender’s 1000 watts professional power efficiency is complemented by its incredibly durable Fully Smashing Blades and Shredding System, resulting in a pleasingly silky final product. Not to mention, you may use this high-tech blender with complete confidence to ensure food, as each component is BPA-free!

Some Best Features of Ninja Professional Blender BL610

Easiness While Using

You may be concerned about the simplicity of use of this powerful and relatively hefty blender when you see it. The Ninja BL610, on the other hand, is sure to amaze you in this aspect!

After each usage, disconnect the blades and container and place them in the washer. In contrast to the unpleasant spinning crank for speed settings that you sometimes see in other blenders, the keys are properly labeled and demarcated, so you won’t have any trouble using them.

I particularly like how it has a big, non-slip grip and a glass container with precise quantity indications.

Power Of Motor

The Ninja BL610 features a powerful 1000 watts motor that boosts its efficiency levels many points over any other mixer at this price point! Regarding motor and performance, I’d say it’s amazingly cheap; it simply keeps going without weary! The ‘complete smashing blades,’ as they’re known, contribute by improving the intense motor’s strength.

Compactness And Noise Level

I have no reservations about admitting that this blender isn’t as small or compact as a typical home mixer. However, considering its superior efficiency, I believe it performs well in these areas. Let me commence with the issue of sound. I’m acquainted with professional blender sound levels and space requirements. So I can attest that this Ninja version is on par with the quietest pro blenders.

In terms of the amount of space it takes up, the best part is that this gadget has a higher vertical slant, allowing it to be adjusted even on a tiny counter surface. However, since it is bulkier than the regular blender, you can’t move it about. And you’ll need at minimum a moderate counter space to pile this blender, particularly while disassembling it for cleaning.

Speed And Control Levels

I’ll confess that I’m a massive admirer of this blender’s incredible features! First and foremost, there are three-speed settings to select from; I usually choose the first place option while creating a basic banana or watermelon drink. Use the third level for more difficult vegetables like barley, Herbs, or greens. 

Furthermore, the device’s impressive powers don’t stop at mixing. On the control center, beside the power switch and the low, medium, and maximum speed keys, there’s a pulse trigger for regulated operation. So you can use this blender as a stick blender, particularly if you have a bunch of flour to churn or a lot of nuts and ingredients to mince thoroughly. When unexpected visitors arrive, or you’re getting desperate before a party, this is a lifesaver!

  • Compact and cost-effective
  • Simplified and attractive design
  • Simple five-button layout with adjustable speed selection
  • Large potential for combining
  • On the ice, it’s efficient.
  • Pitcher with less durability


 In a word, this blender of Ninja is your ticket to professional-level blending, smashing, mashing, and supervised handling from the convenience of your own home. The technology makes dispensing vast volumes of liquids a breeze. It’s a hassle-free gadget with firm but smooth functioning that brings you closest to your dream cuisine! It is very well designed and worth money that almost everyone can afford. They enjoy different drinks with friends and relatives at any time and anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Ninja blender have a lot of noise?

I researched and asked various users about the loudness of this blender. The responses which I get are of different types. The central theme and answer were that this blender has little noise compared to all other blenders of the same price range. The noise or loudness is tolerable.

Why should one prefer and use Ninja over the Vitamix Blenders?

In my opinion, both of these companies have great blenders. These are very well rated under their functionality and value for money. But there is a reason to choose Ninja over Vitamix. That reason is the Ninja has easiness and smoothness in usage. Also, Ninja makes various types of shakes and smoothies without any trouble in a short period.

Does the Ninja 1000w blender crush ice smoothly?

Ninja 1000w can smoothly crush ice without any trouble. The ice is smashed in beautiful churns all around in no time.