Norpro Egg Beater Classic Hand Stainless Steel Mixer Reviews

Editor Rating: 4.5/5
Easy To Use
Easy to Clean

Review Summary

Do you like making fluffy cakes, but they always come out rubbery? Putting up so much work and having such disappointing outcomes must be frustrating. But that won’t be the case once you get your hands here on the finest hand egg beater & start making tiny piece mixtures! You can combine ingredients for little baking chores or produce meringue, whip cream, batters, and more with the Norpro Manual Mixer Crank Beater. You can whisk the eggs in whatever container you like with this best manual non-electric egg beater.

 Two heavy-duty 18/10 stainless steel blades come included with this rotary egg beater. The body is constructed of polished metal, and the driving gears are nylon. The handle grips are plastic. Without electricity, a durable hand mixer effortlessly combines ingredients for tiny baking chores. To effortlessly beat eggs, combine mixtures, whip cream, egg whites, and much more, use the fast rotary action!








Stainless Steel

Blade Material

Stainless Steel

Product Dimensions

‎ 3.8 x 3 x 12 inches

Item Weight

‎0.5 pounds

Main Features

  • Manual crank mixer, 12" long

    Without the need for power, it beats eggs & mixes pancake batter.

    Drive gears made of nylon

    Handle grips made of plastic

    Two (2) heavy-duty stainless-steel hand mixer blades are included.

    Hand washing is advised

    The product is made of polished aluminum



Some Best Features of Norpro Egg Beater Hand Mixer 

Twist Knob

On the side, there is a twist knob that enables you to spin the blades without moving the whole item. This is fantastic. It not only saves your time and effort while beating eggs, but it also eliminates a lot of trouble. You will not feel frustrated while using the beater wherever it may be. This gadget properly beats eggs, resulting in consistently delicious eggs.

Durable structure

It’s very durable. The whole item measures 12 inches in length. It’s rather lengthy, yet it’s simple to handle and use. The whole thing is steel and is rather weighty, giving it a wonderful and sturdy feel. The top of the beater has a grip that helps you keep it steady when mixing. The body of this beater is made up of metal and not plastic; thus, it is of quality.

Easy to clean

It’s simple to clean. After you’ve finished using them all, all you should do is wash them off since no food adheres to them, which is something you’ll like.

Easy to use

It comes with both of the beater attachments. They’re rather narrow. I don’t think it could be simpler to remove them by just taking them out and pressing them back in. You could have utilized other attachments, but it is really simple to use. Some accessories can be used with standard blenders, so you should be OK.

  • Provides the ideal whipping motion for light and fluffy mixes!
  • There is no requirement for energy, and the design is simple to use.
  • The grip that is both comfortable and firm
  • Worth of money
  • Take small storage
  • Quality material
  • Light-weight
  • Easy to clean
  • Use for light mixtures
  • Requires some efforts on your behalf


In a nutshell, the Norpro egg beater is ideal for daily usage by everyone from the good chef to the expert cook. Without electricity, it is a strong hand mixer that effortlessly combines ingredients for little baking chores. 

This Norpro manually controlled mixer features a quick rotary motion that makes beating eggs, blending mixtures, whipping creams, as well as egg whites, baked goods, pancake batter, and any other culinary activity a comfort.
Because hand crank beaters are not attached to a specific mixing bowl, they may be used in any bowl. 

Norpro comes with two stainless steel beaters that are built to last. Polished aluminum is used for the body and gears. The plastic handle is comfortable to hold. It is simple and fast to clean. For egg whites and other light liquids, use this. It works well and is simple to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it small enough to fit in a coffee cup? If not, does anybody know of a company that does and does not manufacture plastic gears?

This isn’t going to fit in a coffee cup. The coffee cup’s diameter should not be less than 3.75 inches! This one, on the other hand, is all metal.

When you crank it, does it create a lovely metallic sound?

Yes, the gears are entirely metal rather than plastic.  

Is it possible for a left-handed person to utilize it?

Ans: Yes. It can be used by the right as well as left-handed people.