NutriBullet Stopped Working: Easy Solutions

A Nutribullet in a house provides an incredible sensation. It’s small, strong, and exceedingly easy to operate. It can make smoothies, sauces, and soups, among other things.


You typically commence your round with a NutriBullet-made shake or other nutritious beverage. You get up, combine your stuff, and set on your NutriBullet, but it doesn’t happen this time. What may the issue be?

If you’re attempting to produce a drink without any fruits, closed or open impermeable jars, excessive fluid, and extra oil may cause the NutriBullet to malfunction. The blending, the blades inside the NutriBullet, or NutriBullet leaking are the different kinds of NutriBullet malfunctions.

Issues of Blender

Start and Stop a Blender While Blending

There are a few reasons why your Nutribullet begins to operate and then stops when blending. One possibility is that the equipment has become too old to be used. Another explanation might be that cables have been unsecured, posing a hazard. If this happens, we suggest shutting off the charging station and ceasing usage since these are serious concerns with serious consequences for health and safety purposes.

Screws hold the interior sections of your NutriBullet in line. You’ll need to dismantle the case to see which components are broken and need to be replaced. You may use this infographic to repair your NutriBullet.

Avoid putting your NutriBullet in the washer to extend the unit’s life. Other items, such as cup rings, caps, and glasses, may be washed in the dishwasher without harm.

Sound of the Blender

If your Nutribullet made a sound when you switched it on, something might have been lodged in the blades, stopping them from rotating to stir the ingredients.

Unplug the blender’s pitcher, bottom, and lid and turn it off. Look for crumbs or other foreign things that may have been stuck in the blades.

Remove any unwanted particles using a needle or another tiny instrument. After that, reassemble all of the components.

Turn on the blender once you’ve done to see whether the NutriBullet makes any sound.

Issues of Blades

Partial cutting of the food

Here are some suggestions if the NutriBullet seems as if it were on and you feel the rotors but see a little amount of food pouring out. It’s possible that the motor isn’t operating properly.

Remove the blade system and inspect the blades for any blockages since this might indicate an obstruction or bad circuitry. Your Nutribullet may need to be restarted by disconnecting it from both sockets and then connecting it again as one to see if the issue is resolved. If you’ve found that your Nutribullet isn’t having any issues while set to low power, experiment with shifting from different power settings until you get the one that cuts meals the best without throwing chunks shooting out from the blender bowl.

No cutting at All

There might be a core issue when the NutriBullet doesn’t operate, although the pulverizers seem to be operating. Let’s look at some of the things that could be taking place currently.

  • The Nutribullet is overflowing. — Internally, debris is obstructing the blades.
  • The Nutribullet has stopped working or been disconnected from its power outlet and must be restarted by connecting it back in, shutting off the electricity before putting it into a new source if both are defunct, or changing the blade mechanism if that is the problem.

Putting Up Limitless Food

It’s critical to only pour the Nutribullet container into the specified line; otherwise, your meal may not be diced thoroughly.

Blenders are meant to grind up ingredients rather than dilute them, so if you add too many fluids and oils, you can wind up with a lumpy drink.

Putting Up Abandoned Food

The NutriBullet is a mixer to slice finer foods such as fruits and veggies. It may also be used to combine liquids in a procedure. Solids that are too dense may be more than the NutriBullet to handle. When the blades get stuck and unable to spin, the machine shuts down.

Jamming of the Blades

Food residue might accumulate if the blades are not cleaned between usage. When it finally happens to maintenance, this results in inadequate quality and performance. This may be avoided by cleaning the margins, which will increase their functioning.

Issue of the Motor

The motor will be faulty if anything bad happens with your NutriBullet. To have a drink or shake, you may have held down on the cover for too long. While using the NutriBullet, be careful to mix in appropriate time intervals. It is recommended that you beat for one minute longer and then stop.

Your nutribullet may have ceased operating because the internal parts have been removed. The nutribullet is composed of various components, all of which may degrade over time and therefore need to be replaced at some period. You’ll need to remove the case of your device to see which elements could be harmed. Before retrieving something from within, ensure you don’t lose any bolts or other tiny bits by storing them in a container or box. If your blades aren’t the problem, it’s possible that something else is broken, such as the controller or electrical cable.

Issues Of Leaking

Too-full blender

One disadvantage of a blender full to the top is that the blades are constantly strained. Meal or fluid spillage is also a possibility.

Cracks in the blender

Cracks in the external or inner area of your blender should be avoided. While it is not required to produce breaking, attempting to do so may result in the liquid flowing through the damaged region, requiring new components for your device.

Damage to the rubber seal

A rubber seal behind the ejector blade on your NutriBullet may be torn down due to negligence. Consequently, the separator blade can’t properly adhere to the container, rendering you vulnerable to leaking.

Insecure attachment of the blade

If the blades do not connect firmly to the NutriBullet, this is a less usual problem. Instead of beginning from zero, you may have to change this component, so inspect the screws and tighten them screws before use.

Fixing a jammed Nutribullet

You’re stuck with a clogged NutriBullet and don’t know what to do. Jamming usually happens when the lock and the storage jar become caught together. There are activators through which you can repair it.

If you push on each activator, they may go down, so give it a shot. They may or may not shift at this time. If that’s the situation, combine vinegar, oil, and boiling water in a bowl. Allow the plastic activators to dwell in the fluid for a few minutes after gently moistening them.

After that, you can push the activators, and they should disengage. If not, you may go through the procedure again. If you’re still experiencing issues after a second attempt, you should contact NutriBullet customer service. You may need new activators.

Blinking of the NutriBullet

When there is a problem with the NutriBullet, it tries to alert you. What’s the source of the light that’s lighting up? Please don’t dismiss it. When a power light flashes, it means there’s an issue that must be fixed immediately. Check that the containers are securely secured before attempting anymore, or approach the NutriBullet support team for assistance.

Final Thoughts:

Blenders are fantastic—until they break down. The blades will sometimes stop moving or get rough. Seals may degrade over the period and release air, affecting efficiency if the blender malfunctions during preparation.

To keep your blender in good working condition for years, keep the blades tidy in between each use to prevent blocking or other loss. Wash them by soaking them in hot water and whirling them with a cotton towel until all food residue is gone. After that, fully dry off by clearing away any moisture with a second cloth or tissue paper. Remember to look for fissures!