Oster Hand Blender FPSTHBSSA2-033 Review

Editor Rating: 4.2/5
Easy to Use
Easy to Clean
Blending Power
Easy To Hold

Review Summary

Are you having difficulty choosing an immersion blender that is not expensive and easy to use? You are here in the right place. It is manufactured with strong material and structured in a way that it communicates easily for usage.
The blender helps make a deliciously creamy soup, delicious sauces and tasty puree of fruits, vegetables and much more. The chopper attached to the blender converts the food into small pieces. It will take no time to eat the chopped food by this product.

 The hand blender has a detachable rod that helps you clean it easily. The two-speed setting makes it easy to learn and control. The Metallic colored item comes with a dual-purpose lid and a measuring cup that measures the amount of salsa and soup, sauces, etc. The blade used in the product is made up of stainless steel, which increases its durability.

Some Best Features of Oster Hand Blender FPSTHBSSA2-033

Easy to clean

The detachable rod of stainless steel creates easiness for you to clean it by detaching the rod after using it. Moreover, It is small in size so it doesn’t take time to be cleaned.


The stick blender can blend the recipes quickly because of its power. It carries the power of 250-watt motors that ensure high performance. The exceptional blending power makes this product one of the top quality products.

Easy to use

The two speed setting of this item unlocks the versatility of functions of the product. Moreover, the stainless steel rod is detachable, which helps you to clean the Oster blender. It is also easy to store as it has a small size.

Stainless Steel

The item is created with a stainless rod, and it doesn’t melt while blending hot sauces and soups.


You can take the bowl to use it rather than go to it for blending. As the Oster hand blender is small, easy to carry and lightweight, it benefits mobility. 

Whisk Attachment

  The whisk attached to the blender helps you blend the ingredients and mix them in the right way. For example, you can use this to mix condiments, whip cream and batters. 


Durability is one of the promises that the Oster brand offers. According to the customers of this metallic item, the product has good durability of performance because it uses high-quality materials like stainless steel and more. 

Chopper attachment

For pureeing suitably, perfect blending and chopping the ingredients to make the recipes, it offers chopper attachment with the item.  

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to store because of its size
  • Easy to clean because of detachable shaft
  • It is easy to start blending
  • It is light in weight
  • The chopper attachment operates extremely well
  • Works for both hot and cold ingredients
  • Chopper container is larger than other hand blenders
  • Sometimes Buttons can be hard to press
  • The metallic material isn’t appropriate for unstickless cookware


By looking at all the details and specifications of the product, the blender offers continence in the usage; easy to carry, easy to clean, easy to store. The blender is also not that expensive to purchase; despite that, it provides qualitative usages and features as it has a wattage of 250 watts with metallic materials used in it. 


Oster immersion blender with chopper is a must-have product in the households, as it takes small space and low budget that accomplishes various usages. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the size of whisk attachment?

The size of the whisk attached with it is of a normal size that is more than 2 inches.


It creates noise. Is it normal?

Yes, it is not quite, which is normal. It is like a blender. 


Are the attachments with this product dishwasher safe?

No, the items attached with the immersion blender are not dishwasher safe.


How many pieces are attached with the Oster 2-speed hand blender?

The hand mixer is attached with five pieces that include, a whisk, a chopper, a lid that works for Dual-purpose lid, a cup that measures the amount of the recipes and a detachable stainless steel rod.