Tribest PB 350 Single Serving Blender With Mason Jar Review

Editor Rating: 4.2/5
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Review Summary

The Tribest Pb-350 personal blender isn’t just small but ergonomically intended for compact and straightforward use. You will get one giant and one little extreme and robust polycarbonate plastic compartments that can be similarly well for mixing and crushing. When your fixings are handled, these holders can be utilized to serve or drink out of.z

The Tribest Pb-350 offers this comfort to get ready smoothies, child food sources, and sauces across the board container. Fill your mason container with the ingredients, connect the Mason container connection and cutting edge blades, and make delightful and mouth-watering dishes/recipes to store quickly in your refrigerator.

Some Best Features of Tribest PB 350 Blender

Sharp blades

The blades are undoubtedly very much edged and sharp enough to crush frozen ingredients, and it’s best for ice drink making. The Tribest PB350 Personal Blender accompanies two edge congregations making it something other than a blender. The mixing edge is incredible for smoothies, regardless of ice. The crushing edge transforms it into a versatile processor that will crush seeds, nuts, espresso beans, or flax seeds. During the activity, the sharp edges are enclosed, making it difficult to interact with turning edges. Progressed wellbeing highlights forestall activity when the sharp edges are not totally encased. Utilize the bricklayer container connection to mix and crush your plans in glass artisan containers. Works with most ordinary mouth glass canning containers. The reduced 200-watt engine gives a lot of capacity for mixing and grinding.

Mason jar and accessories

The Tribest Personal Blender is intelligently made with two high effects with pair of BPA-free jars for mixing, crushing, or serving. It additionally accompanies a glass drinking mug and three glass mason containers. The PB-350 advantageously accompanies a worker top so you can take your beverages with you in a hurry and five standard covers for simple capacity. Equipped for two capacity modes: One-contact beat mode or press down for consistent mixing/crushing activity

The whole package includes

  • one hardened steel mixing sharp edge (4 Pronged)
  • one hardened steel crushing sharp edge (2 Pronged)
  • mason container connector
  • engine base
  • one standard cup top
  • one commuter cup top
  • one 470 ml BPA giant cup
  • one 240 ml BPA little cup
  • one 470 ml glass drinking mug
  • one 350 ml glass container

The Tribest PB-350 is a solitary serve blender, which implies that you can mix one beverage (for one individual) at once for individuals who live alone! Yet, Tribest’s PB-350 model is additionally incredible for couples and families. As the machine is viable with most ordinary mouth Mason containers, you can get a lot of Mason jolts and make even a more significant number of mix and-serve smoothies and shakes instantly! Moreover, as each drink is mixed straightforwardly into the serving cup, you have significantly less to tidy up, making this reduced glass container blender remarkable additionally for a party has and occupied guardians!

Pros & Cons

  • The s-blade design allows it to blend literally anything related to ice and frozen items
  • Glass of the jar can bear high temperature
  • Easy to use
  • Very much simple in terms of cleaning it
  • It cannot be used for hot items
  • Limited versatility, mainly used for baby food
  • The power of a motor is low, which cannot crush every solid ingredient put in it


Moreover, one of the more functional advantages portrayed above, smoothies served in conventional Mason container mugs, will add rural appeal to any morning meal or early lunch table, so there’s also a tasteful angle. With its BPA-free glass holders, Tribest’s PB-350 additionally makes an extraordinary and wellbeing advancing gift for loved ones.

If you like to buy this product for one single person’s use and baby food blending, then this product has no competitor in its perimeter. We thoroughly recommend you use this machine which will eventually make your minor kitchen problem vanish in a go.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of dishes can I make with this blender?

A range of healthy smoothies and juices from all kinds of veggie juices to fruit juice, protein shakes, glucose shakes, baby food, and many