Tribest Personal Blender PB-100 Compact Package | Detailed Review

Editor Rating: 4.2/5
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Review Summary

Are you still searching for a blender with the feature of portability apart from other features that can save some of your minutes in your busy day-to-day schedule? You can check Tribest’s personal blender PB-100 compact package. It is ideal for those who want a lightweight, easy to use blender. This blender has a beautiful design. It has two blend-n-serve cups.

This blender has a powerful 200-watt motor along with sharp crushing blades. Moreover, it has two 16 ounces cups. Operate it; make things in your way because it offers two different modes of operations. Tribest also offers you a post-purchase service by offering one year of warranty.

Let’s explore it further so that you can make a buying decision.

Some Best Features of Tribest Personal Blender PB-100


The blending quality of this blender is flawless. It does not leave anything unblended, which can clog in the straw while drinking liquid things. It crushes ice to the finest quality.


It has a beautiful and versatile structure. Cups are stylish. The colour of the overall machine is attractive. Thus, it can be a beautiful addition to your kitchen. Overall, this machine is less bulky.


It has a 200-watt powerful motor. Thus, you can easily blend and crush your daily using food ingredients. It is suitable for making shakes, smoothies, baby foods and grinding of food ingredients like seeds, etc.


As for as performance is concerned of the personal blender PB-100, it is a good match against its price. It blends food ingredients and crushes ice to the finest quality. Thus, it gives its customers an enjoyable experience.

Modes of operations:

This model of Tribest offers two modes of operations. One is touch pulse and press, and the second mode is twisted continuous. Thus, it creates ease for its customers. They can blend ingredients in whichever way they want to.

Blend-n-serve cups:

Another distinguishable feature of Tribest personal Blender is that it has cups, which can blend and be used for drinking. Thus, this feature makes it portable.

Polycarbonate Cups:

The two 16 oz. Cups of Tribest personal blender are made of bulletproof glass material. Thus, making them unbreakable.


 This smoothie blender offers one year of warranty. If you happen to get any defaults in it or maybe some breakages, follow the return policy, and you will have your blender replaced/ repaired.

Pros & Cons

  • It has a one touch pulse along with press and twists continuous mode
  • It has two 16 oz. cups. One with cup lid, another with commuter lid
  • Blending/grinding blades are protected from spinning blades. Thus, ensures complete safety
  • It has stainless steel blades
  • It comes with a 200-watt motor along with 120v voltage
  • This model of Tribest is giving one year of warranty
  • It is not that noisy
  • Its cups are portable
  • It is not a perfect match for large volume shakes, smoothies, etc
  • This model is offering only one year of warranty
  • Cups are narrow. Thus, at times it is difficult to shake things around in it


Overall, Tribest personal blender is a good choice for fulfilling needs on a smaller level having two 16 ounces cups. If you want to make shakes/smoothies for yourself, or maybe if you are a parent preparing food for your baby. It is then an ideal choice. It is simple and easy to clean.

Its powerful motor and sharp blades crush hard ingredients in seconds. It has been designed beautifully for personal use. Thus, Tribest personal blender PB-100 200-watt is a good choice if you have a small family or live on yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it bulky?

It is not that bulky. Its base weighs around 2 lbs, while the containers and sharp blades weighs around 0.5 lbs.

Is it a good choice for large family?

Well! Its two 16 ounces cups ensure it will not be good for a large family. Where making a large volume of shakes or smoothies is required. Thus, if you are a single person or have a small family of around 3-4 people, it is a good choice.

Is it possible to repair faults or breakages in the machine or replace it with new machine?

Tribest Personal Blender offers one year of warranty. Hence, you can call for a warranty claim unless the claim against the faults is according to the policy of a Tribest.