Why The Magic Bullet Blender Is Not Working Properly

Blender gives you many benefits like preparing you with a fresh juice in the morning for breakfast, helping you with chopping your veggies, crushing ice, and instant juice making any time you want. And in the blender domain, the magic bullet blender is known for its efficiency and effectiveness. But assume you wake up in the morning, and suddenly your magic bullet blender stops working, and you are getting late, or you want an excellent sliced and meshed veggies smoothie. Still, the blender stops working, so here we are going to give you details about why your magic bullet blender stops working?

There can be many reasons and causes that can prevent the blender from working, such as the problem in the motor, a whole jar, a plugging problem, and many others, which we will be guiding you in this post.

Why Is The Magic Blender Not Spinning?

More Prolonged Usage Of A Blender

The longer and extended use of the mixer can cause and affect the ability to spin. Experts suggest not to utilize it for more than a minute continuously. Please give it a rest for around a couple of minutes and continue to use it again. When the blades spin all the time for more than a minute, it is possible that the edges can wear out and can harm the performance of the blender. When you complete using it plug out the blender and plug it in when you want to use it.

Check Whether The Blender Is Plugged In Or Not.

The first and foremost thing to check to know why it is not spinning is to see whether it is plugged into the switch or not. See thoroughly and watch for the light in the base. Plug in the switch the start blending.

Check For Debris In The Base Or In The Power Cord.

There is a certain chance that some kind of debris and other substances may have stuck into the power cord, which may be the reason for the power cut to your blender. 

If this is the case, then at first unplug everything from the blender, turn the base to your side, unscrew it till it is open, and then clean and clear everything you see there with the help of tweezers and brush.

The Power Is Coming But Not Spinning

The Jar Is Full Of Ingredients

The blender is of compact size and design, so if you put many things at a time to mesh and leave no space in the jar for blades to spin, it is possible that the base may be full of things that can halt the blades to spin. So in these conditions, leave some space for blades to spin, do not fill the magic bullet’s pith full, and add a considerable amount of liquid into your mixer to make your mixing effective.

Broken Gear Of Blade Unit

It is possible that the gear of your blender’s blades may have broken down, causing the blades not to move and spin. 

Well, this is a kind of awful situation because this scenario reflects the message that you now have to acquire a new set of blades assembly; now, this is shocking.

Broken Gear Of Base Unit

Furthermore, it is also possible that the base area gear unit might break down, halting the blades from spinning.

Breaking Of The Bearing Of Either Unit

Your blades sometimes get jammed down by the reason that the bearing of base or blade units allows the blades to spin freely and swiftly; if it is broken, then this will also jam your blender to turn.

The solution to this problem is that you have to replace it with another set.


These activators are located on the top of the power base. These are the reason for the proper blending of the blender. They help to blend the ingredients well. Say, for instance, the activators are not working even if the jar is tightly and perfectly secured, the lender will then also not spin; for say, if blades yet don’t spin, this shows’ that activators are not operating and have got a fault in them.

The solution to this problem is to replace the blades with new ones.

Another solution is to pour a certain amount of hot water so that dirt inside the activators can be cleaned.

Overheat Of Motor

Overheating in the motor can also be caused, and it is also a problem that stops it from spinning. When the magic blender is overheated, the chances are that the blades will stop spinning. Unplug the blender quickly if you smell any kind of burning smell as it is because of the overheating. Giving it a rest is the ultimate solution to prevent this situation from further deteriorating the performance.

Assuming the magic bullet has been utilized for broadened, non-beat use, two electrical parts could have faulted that can make the blender not rotate. In the two cases, there was likely a smell of hot metal or consuming electrical parts in the hour of disappointment. One part is an intensity sensor that flops forever on the off chance the engine curls heat over 150 degrees celsius (302 degrees fahrenheit). 

The other part is a bunch of carbon brushes that direct power to the commutator fragment of the blender’s engine. The conclusion of these electrical issues will require the dismantling of the unit and will require an electric multimeter to evaluate conductivity. Follow this magic bullet nutribullet activator substitution manual to dismantle the unit.


After reading this post, you may have got the idea of why your magic blender is not working properly. These problems are common most of the time and must be resolved as soon as possible as if they are neglected, the blender’s performance can be damaged and cause the blender to not be correctly in the future.

Frequently asked Questions:

Why magic bullet blender is not working

The best answer comprises multiple factors that cause this problem in the blender. 

  1. One of the main problems is the overuse of the blender.
  2. Overheating of the blender causes problems with the motor.
  3. The jar is filled with many ingredients
  4. No space is left in the jar, and the base of the jar is filled, which causes the blades to be stuck there to rotate.
  5. The problem in activators.


Will the company help in repairing the magic bullet blender

Yes, contacting the company service center will guide you on how you can avail the help of the company to improve your bullet blender and continue its usage.

Why my magic bullet is leaking

This problem is caused by the reason that your internal and external parts may have been broken down, which will ultimately cause the leakage. Moreover, the casing is cracked, or the gasket is not sealed well.